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Our proven programs show you how to grow your practice while earning higher profit margins to command a higher practice valuation.

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We Are Exclusive to the Accounting Industry


Build Your Firm is a practice and website development firm dedicated to the accounting industry. We offer a proven practice development system that enables accountants to operate at higher profit margins, realize higher hourly fees, and operate with less stress. Our website development services are designed to generate leads via search engine optimization.


Earn Profits at Twice the Industry Average

Learn how to develop an accounting practice that operates at margins of 50% - 70% rather than the industry average of 25% - 40%.


Realize Higher Fees from your Clientele

Our step-by-step practice development system helps you command higher fees that will provide $200-$300 per hour on all your work.


Command a Higher Price Valuation

Learn how to develop an accounting practice that yields a higher multiple (higher than 1.25 times gross) that's easier to sell.


Enhance Lead Generation and Outsourced Marketing

Ongoing program for accounting firms that want to outsource marketing and lead generation, establish higher growth targets, and receive 1-on-1 training to develop a more profitable accounting firm.


Grow Your Practice with an Accounting Website

Grow your practice online with a website. Having the right search engine optimized accounting website can help you generate pre-qualified new business clients from the internet.

Get paid faster

BizPayO™ Payment Portal - Get Paid Faster

Our payment processing tool will help you get more control over accounts receivable. Easily accept ACH (eCheck), credit card and wire transfers bundled into one easy-to-use tool.

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" I recommend Build Your Firm services to anyone that is serious about growing their practice. It works!"

John Charles Roe, Georgia

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"I highly recommend anyone considering using Build Your Firm's services. Whether is marketing, practice management or their outsource marketing, you will be thrilled."

Navjeet Chahal, California

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Our Services for Accountants


We offer a variety of marketing services designed to help you operate your practice more efficiently and more profitably. Our proven practice development services can help you acquire new business with ease, operate your practice at higher hourly realization rates and profit margins, oversee your practice with less stress and live life on your terms.


Accounting Marketing Program

This program is designed for accounting firms that want a life-long practice development system which delivers an ongoing flow of clients. It's an educational program that delivers a modern system for reliable lead generation, pricing and selling.

Accounting Websites

Would you like to generate new business clients from the internet? The internet is much more than having an online brochure of your firm services. If done correctly, it should deliver pre-qualified prospects to you so you can capture clients regularly from the internet.

Outsourced Marketing Program

An ongoing program for accounting firms that would like to outsource most of the marketing and lead generation to Build Your Firm, establish higher growth targets, and receive individualized assistance with developing a more profitable accounting firm.

Practice Management Program

This comprehensive practice management program is how our company's President runs his practice efficiently and maintains a balanced lifestyle. Our goal with this program is to help you improve the quality of your life AND dramatically increase your net profit margins to 60%.

BizPayO™ Payment Portal

Our payment processing tool will help you get more control over accounts receivable. Easily accept ACH (eCheck), credit card and wire transfers bundled into one easy-to-use tool.

Mastery Selling Skills

In a competitive market filled with look-alike accounting services, this program shows you how to become a differentiator, so prospects are compelled to engage you. You do not need to have a career rooted in accounting sales to easily influence prospects and close them.

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"I have been a BYF client for 8 years. My only regret is that I didn't find them when I first opened my business in 2002."

Julio Garcia, Texas

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