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Build Your Firm is a website development and practice development firm dedicated to the accounting industry. We offer a proven practice development system that enables accountants to operate practices at higher profit margins, realize higher hourly fees, and operate the practice with less stress. Our website development services are designed to generate leads via search engine optimization and operate more efficiently.

Build Your Firm also provides continuing education training to thousands of accountants each year on marketing, selling, and practice management topics.  

Our core Accounting Marketing Services Include:

Build Your Firm was established in 2003 to help tax accounting firms across the country learn how to market their accounting practices and operate at profit margins nearly twice the industry average. Contact us today at 888-999-9800 x-1 to learn how we can help your accounting practice grow and thrive.


Kelley O'neil
I am e-mailing to thank you and Allan for the tools you have given me to be able to land and close clients! I closed 2 clients today using your pricing and closing strategies (from referrals). The 3rd was an inquiry from my new BYF website - and after talking with me today they want to meet in person to sign up for incorporation and on-going tax/bookkeeping. Wow! That was fast!
Karl Nebeker
I thought the information in the program on using Incorporation Services to gain Long-term Clients was quite good. While I've offered Incorporation Services for a number of years, the program gave me some new insights and ideas on how to use these services. One thing I particularly liked was the discussion on Registered Agent services. I had not considered that as a service to market, but can see how that could be another valuable strategy for obtaining long-term clients. I thought the program was very good overall. I would have liked some more information about how to advertise and market the services - what methods and strategies work best.
Ralf Heyer
BYF developed a niche website for our firm a little over a year ago. I am proud to say that this year we have received various referrals directly from the site. We are very pleased with all their professionals and work. Thank you!
Jia Chew
The materials presented are relevant and useful.
Peter Freuler
Hugh, Allen and their team have been great to work with. Not only has their advice quickly proved on-target and profitable, they have also have been patient and persistent while I change my practice. In a world of uncertainty and quick change, knowing BYF is accessible and available to help makes running an accounting practice so much easier.
Kim Marler
Informative and interesting information regarding a new trend in marketing for accountants.

These are just a small sample of our reviews. Please view all of our reviews here.
Qualify Your Prospects First
When a prospect calls your firm and immediately launches a series of questions, who is in control of the discussion? As the rainmaker for your practice, the rainmaker should be in control of the process. By asking qualifying questions and seeking to understand your client’s need before answering their questions, you can quickly gain control of the dialogue and establish yourself as the authority.
Selling Your Personal Brand: What To Be Aware Of Every Day
When David was a small boy his father asked him, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” David thought about it for a minute and answered, “I don't know what I want to be, but I know that I DON'T want to be a salesman.” “That's too bad,” his father responded. “Because, whatever you WANT to be, you HAVE to be a salesman.” It is so true. You are always selling. You sell your services, your ideas and, most importantly, you sell yourself. No matter what you do for a living, you are a salesperson. So what will help you succeed in this world of “sales”? Let's take a look at how branding can help you sell yourself more successfully.
Today you will encounter countless opportunities to quit. It might be that a business proposal you hoped would come through will fizzle. You might have an argument with your spouse. You might lose an investment. Disaster might knock on your door any one of a thousand different ways. The only question is what you are going to do about it. Will you pick up your marbles, go home and declare that the game is unfair? Will you believe that you must just not be meant for success — that you are a loser that can’t get a break? Or will you decide to persist in your struggle, educate yourself and seek the answers you need?
Stop Wasting Your Money on Yellow Page Advertising
If your goal is to attract more small business clients, then stop wasting your limited advertising budget on yellow page advertising. That’s because there are more effective means to target small business owners and generate a higher return on investment. Over the next few years, the traditional yellow page providers will start milking this cash cow because it’s becoming less relevant. That’s right, the companies that sell advertising and then distribute those enormous books are investing their money on the internet. In fact, they are spending money with Google and Yahoo. That’s because consumers and small business owners are more apt to use the internet rather than hunt thru the traditional yellow pages.
Why Do Accountants Get Paid Last?

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