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Accounting Marketing Program

Doug Mcdougal
The Accounting Marketing Program was great. I picked up a lot on how to identify targets and make the initial approach. Once in, I am really good at closing the sale. The course also gave me confidence to talk to the owners of the businesses that I frequent. For example, I asked to meet the owner of a restaurant where my wife and I ate lunch today. I know who his CPA is, and I also know that the guy charges way too much for his services. I operate on the premise of not being overbearing, and your program fits my personality. The pricing matrix was good as well. It made a lot of sense on how to work with small businesses to help them as they grow.
John Charles Roe
I attend the accounting marketing program in May 2007, and in less than one year I have added $100,000 in annualized billings using the BYF marketing services & products. I recommend BYF services to anyone that is serious about growing their practice. It works!
Kitty Hang
I am intrigued by all that was said and how to market myself to our target clients. I definitely learned a lot and as I am starting my business, it will be beneficial and helpful in getting clients.
Ken Lewellyn
Good Value! Excellent presentation & followup.
Jeff Martin
Very well done.

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Website Development and Internet Marketing

Randy Nutt
Thank you BYF for the excellent work on my website. I've received more phone calls than I ever imagined I would and I owe it all to your hard work. My website has maintained a top 2 ranking on page 1 for searches of accountants in my area since the website was published.
Amy Thompson
Build Your Firm does an excellent job in terms of website development, SEO, customer service and integration with lots of great services via the website. They are always looking to add value and continue to offer ideas and ways to improve the processes for the CPA firm.
Joseph Belbol
It was a pleasure working with James and Build Your Firm to have my website redesigned. He was extremely responsive, timely, and patient. I highly recommend BYF for your website development.
Mark Orlando, San Diego, Ca
I recently upgraded to Platinum and really like the ePay payment processing.  I like the way it works.  It’s simple to track payments and reconcile them to the deposits in our bank account.  I have been using the convenient link creation tool within ePay and added the live link to emailed invoices.  This speeds up payment and helps a lot.  I really like the recurring billing feature in ePay for eCheck and credit cards.  This provides us with more control over when we get paid and eliminates the discussion about fees and when the check will get mailed to us.  Our goal is to get 90% of our clients onto ePay so our cash flow improves even further.  The days of waiting for checks to arrive in the mail are thankfully over.
Lorie Tola
Over the years we have relied heavily on the file transfer tool in the "old system". Our firm and clients have already started using the new tool and we are getting great feedback. It is far more robust, dependable and easier to use. We will rely on it to get us thru the October 15th deadline and into next years tax season.

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Outsourced Marketing Program

Dario Zanichelli
I always concentrated my marketing efforts on one type of marketing. However, this program uses different types of marketing all working together simultaneously in an integrated environment, which has produced excellent results thus far. The internet marketing, which I was unfamiliar, was key. It brought my dinosaur marketing efforts into the 21st century.
Brad Filmanowicz
I just finished the Outsourced Marketing program for a year, it generated 170k. I immediately signed up for an extended term because I was extremely satisfied with the results and I loved working with Alan and Hugh.
Ben Scott
Based on my experience with BYF’s Outsourced Marketing Program, I highly recommend this program. By working with BYF, I am pleased to report that I have met my growth goals over the first year and my outlook for 2009 is very positive despite the recession. With their system and guidance, I know what type of clients are right for me, how to run the practice efficiently, and how the leads will be generated for me. In a nutshell, the website is great and our search engine presence is impressive. By having a diversified marketing approach, we have a nice blend of leads coming from various sources each month. And, their practice management system enables us to operate the practice with a lean staff. This program delivers!!
Julio Garcia
I enrolled in the three-year Outsourced Marketing Program. I reached $254,000 in revenues over the last 12 months of the program in a down economy. I continued with the website and internet marketing program and grew 23% the first year after the Outsourced Marketing Program and over 40% the second year after.
Katie Ihndris
Despite the terrible economy, I have managed to acquire over $150,000 in new business and at least 50 business clients in just 11 months. I am incredibly excited about our growth prospects over the next two years and confident that BYF’s Outsouce Marketing Program will propel my practice to even higher levels in 2009.

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Accounting Marketing Study From Home

Joseph Belbol
I took the study at home program several months ago and was impressed with the presentation.  Now after attending the live version, it really reinforced the ideas and methods that were presented to market and grow my practice.
Marian Jacklich
The Accounting Marketing Program, excellent. I thoroughly enjoy having this material in advance of the live course as it gave me plenty of time to study and research specific points in the privacy of my office. In addition, I have the lecture which can be replayed whenever specific items come to my attention. The live course not only provided NASBA CPE, but had updated information and improvements. The DVD provided to me had certain technical limitations in playback, but overall was above average in quality, the notebook is useful. Be certain to evaluate templates independently for your own environment and practice.
Navjeet Chahal
I have been using BuildYourFirm for their Accountants Marketing, Website Development, and Practice Management. We use them for web marketing and got some quality leads that turned into well paying clients. Recently we implemented their mail campaign and the response was excellent. Just with one mail campaign, I landed couple well paying clients. We also bought their practice management and it helped me structure my firm to realize better profit margins and implement systems that are essential to our success. I highly recommend anyone considering using their services. Whether is marketing, practice management or their outsource marketing, you will be thrilled.
Marc Rayner
The Accounting Marketing Program was pretty amazing.  You get so much more out of the interaction.  I definitely learned some great points that I hope to put into practice within the next couple of months. I have to move slowly since cash flow is a bit of an issue but the tools are great and points clear on what to do. I highly recommend Build Your Firm's Accounting Marketing Program to accountants looking to grow their practice.
Mark Sizemore
The accounting marketing program was great. It was one of, if not the best, accounting education programs I have been too. The live discussion helped clarify and emphasize points out of the home study program.

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Accounting Practice Management Program

Rex Draughn
The practice development program has been the best investment I have made since starting my practice.
Thomas Palm
Build Your Firm has provided our firm with the marketing help we needed to sustain our desired growth rate. Our dealings with them have been nothing short of outstanding.
David Ricks
Very good, very practical approach and information. I agree very much with the objectives and am hopeful about the marketing results.
Katie Ihndris
I recommend the Practice Management program to ALL accountants. Implementing recommendations from this program has enabled me to streamline everything from work flow to billing and collections. Doing this has left me more time to focus on my clients and maintain a balanced lifestyle.
Dario Zanichelli
One of the best practice management programs I have used in the 16 years that I have been a practicing CPA. I was skeptical at first, as most accountants are, however I became a believer. After my first month of implementing the program, I attained 5 new business clients and only 1/3 of its workload. I now have a new hope and I actually look forward to going into work for the first time in many years.

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Free CPE Webinars

Kerry Johnson
Most of the information I had heard or learned from practice but still a good program. Glad I attended.
Arthur Barrett
Your program gave 3 really good insights to how better manage my clients. I planning on rating the clients over the down-time of the next 30 days and even identified 1 client who was monthly and is now a shoe-box as a candidate to retrain. This was a good hour and well-spent.
Rosie Lucas
Very good information.
Evelyn Stone
Good, relevant info
Brian Perry
Great ideas. Would like to do more extensive training when I can get the availability.

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