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Accounting Marketing Program

Kelley O'neil
I am e-mailing to thank you and Allan for the tools you have given me to be able to land and close clients! I closed 2 clients today using your pricing and closing strategies (from referrals). The 3rd was an inquiry from my new BYF website - and after talking with me today they want to meet in person to sign up for incorporation and on-going tax/bookkeeping. Wow! That was fast! Prior to your marketing and mgt programs I was really at a loss as to how to price my services, as well as, how to sell the services the client really needs. I was floundering around in the closing of potential client meetings. Your concept is so easy to implement ( so far at least). I truly believe your programs are worth every penny!
Deborah Weir
My marketing has been going pretty good, I have to say that one of the main things I have gained from my experience with BYF is confidence in your business model, which gives me confidence in attracting new clients. I am particularly happy to be moving away from hourly billing towards monthly and quarterly billing. Helps smooth out the slow spots!
Doug Mcdougal
The Accounting Marketing Program was great. I picked up a lot on how to identify targets and make the initial approach. Once in, I am really good at closing the sale. The course also gave me confidence to talk to the owners of the businesses that I frequent. For example, I asked to meet the owner of a restaurant where my wife and I ate lunch today. I know who his CPA is, and I also know that the guy charges way too much for his services. I operate on the premise of not being overbearing, and your program fits my personality. The pricing matrix was good as well. It made a lot of sense on how to work with small businesses to help them as they grow.
Bill Cooke
Very informative. Easy to follow along. Thought overall flow was very good. Thanks so much.
Thomas Judge
I have been a customer of Build Your Firm since the summer of 2008. I attended their marketing program and then signed up for their Internet web site. I also purchased their practice management series. They have performed above expectations in all areas we worked together. I consider them a partner in our marketing efforts. They are straight-forward, creative and can be depended on to get things done correctly. I recommend any accounting firm to utilize the services of Build Your Firm.

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Website Development and Internet Marketing

Jon Bell, Albuquerque, Nm
BYF’s Platinum service is great! ePay has helped us shrink A/R and get us paid much faster.  Our clients are impressed with the tool and it is a huge improvement over PayPal, which I used before.  We really like the imbed link tool that Allan created within ePay and use it within emails and QuickBooks to get paid promptly.  I have not used the recurring billing but plan to so payments become more automatic for our practice.  Branding the ePay tool under my firm brand name is excellent and looks professional.  There have been several improvements to this tool which will make reconciliations easier.  Build Your Firm’s Platinum website is excellent and is a large part of our marketing system to grow the practice.  Their customer service team is outstanding.  I highly recommend BYF.
Sher Binesh
James Bowen was very helpful with my tech related question. Robin Nerkowski has also been very helpful to me in the past. Lastly Nita Sabo is always very helpful. All of the above-mentioned staff are truly a pleasure to work with. Thanks for having a great staff.
Joseph Belbol
It was a pleasure working with James and Build Your Firm to have my website redesigned. He was extremely responsive, timely, and patient. I highly recommend BYF for your website development.
Sarika Agarwal
I had a wonderful experience working with Build Your Firm Group, esp James Bowen. He is very professional and is very good at what he does. I am very satisfied with my website and look forward to try their other marketing products in future.
Mike Manoloff
BYF’s Platinum Website service is great. The Secure File Sharing tool is a huge improvement over portals on the market. Clients get it and find it so easy to use. No problems with ePay. It works seamlessly. Clients pay us much quicker now and don’t need instructions on how to use.

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Outsourced Marketing Program

Brad Filmanowicz
I just finished the Outsourced Marketing program for a year, it generated 170k. I immediately signed up for an extended term because I was extremely satisfied with the results and I loved working with Alan and Hugh.
J Marshall
Build Your Firm has an Outsourced Marketing Program which is outstanding. The team is very progessional and develops a comprehensive marketing program which identifies all aspects of where/how to find new clients. Recommend highly
Ben Scott
Based on my experience with BYF’s Outsourced Marketing Program, I highly recommend this program. By working with BYF, I am pleased to report that I have met my growth goals over the first year and my outlook for 2009 is very positive despite the recession. With their system and guidance, I know what type of clients are right for me, how to run the practice efficiently, and how the leads will be generated for me. In a nutshell, the website is great and our search engine presence is impressive. By having a diversified marketing approach, we have a nice blend of leads coming from various sources each month. And, their practice management system enables us to operate the practice with a lean staff. This program delivers!!
Julio Garcia
I enrolled in the three-year Outsourced Marketing Program. I reached $254,000 in revenues over the last 12 months of the program in a down economy. I continued with the website and internet marketing program and grew 23% the first year after the Outsourced Marketing Program and over 40% the second year after.
Dario Zanichelli
I always concentrated my marketing efforts on one type of marketing. However, this program uses different types of marketing all working together simultaneously in an integrated environment, which has produced excellent results thus far. The internet marketing, which I was unfamiliar, was key. It brought my dinosaur marketing efforts into the 21st century.

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Accounting Marketing Study From Home

Ken Lewellyn
Excellent material. Recommend following up with live program for full efffect.
Navjeet Chahal
I have been using BuildYourFirm for their Accountants Marketing, Website Development, and Practice Management. We use them for web marketing and got some quality leads that turned into well paying clients. Recently we implemented their mail campaign and the response was excellent. Just with one mail campaign, I landed couple well paying clients. We also bought their practice management and it helped me structure my firm to realize better profit margins and implement systems that are essential to our success. I highly recommend anyone considering using their services. Whether is marketing, practice management or their outsource marketing, you will be thrilled.
Marc Rayner
The Accounting Marketing Program was pretty amazing.  You get so much more out of the interaction.  I definitely learned some great points that I hope to put into practice within the next couple of months. I have to move slowly since cash flow is a bit of an issue but the tools are great and points clear on what to do. I highly recommend Build Your Firm's Accounting Marketing Program to accountants looking to grow their practice.
Mark Sizemore
The accounting marketing program was great. It was one of, if not the best, accounting education programs I have been too. The live discussion helped clarify and emphasize points out of the home study program.
Marian Jacklich
The Accounting Marketing Program, excellent. I thoroughly enjoy having this material in advance of the live course as it gave me plenty of time to study and research specific points in the privacy of my office. In addition, I have the lecture which can be replayed whenever specific items come to my attention. The live course not only provided NASBA CPE, but had updated information and improvements. The DVD provided to me had certain technical limitations in playback, but overall was above average in quality, the notebook is useful. Be certain to evaluate templates independently for your own environment and practice.

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Accounting Practice Management Program

Rex Draughn
The practice development program has been the best investment I have made since starting my practice.
Katie Ihndris
I recommend the Practice Management program to ALL accountants. Implementing recommendations from this program has enabled me to streamline everything from work flow to billing and collections. Doing this has left me more time to focus on my clients and maintain a balanced lifestyle.
John Siebert
The tools presented have dramatically helped streamline our workflow management. We doubled our practice over a 12 month period since we began working with BYF. Using the concepts and tools presented in the practice management seminar, I've been able to handle the increased client load without needing to increase staff size. My staff is more productive, and my form is more profitable as a result.
Brad Filmanowicz
This was a great help to organize my practice. I loved the chronological system for client communications and managing workflow throughout the entire year. They provided email communications for each week of the year that gathers work, tells the client what is needed, and reminds them of deadlines, wow!
David Ricks
Very good, very practical approach and information. I agree very much with the objectives and am hopeful about the marketing results.

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Free CPE Webinars

Gary Aljoe
The webinar was very informative.
Barbara Maas
The content was quite relevant to our firm's situation.
Jeff Terry
It was very well organized and presented. For public accountants, the topic was very relevant.
Steve Mueller
Very good presentation and topic. Could have been longer to go into more depth on how to get clients of choice, especially for new practices and in these tough economic times. Also how should one determine the clients they want to serve and the niche to specialize in?
Robert Mylum
Well presented as usual. I felt to much to cover in the time allotted. But since this was my 7th seminar a lot of the info had been covered before and from a personal standpoint I gained less info from this than the others.

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