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Website Development and Internet Marketing

Sarah Winstead
James has been incredibly helpful and responsive to our website change requests. He is friendly & very knowledgeable about his field. He was able to give valuable input and translate our ideas into a design that makes our website stand out from the rest. Thank you!
Bill Rogers
James and all the people at build your firm do a fantastic job. they are thorough in their explanations. they followup and check back appropriately. Even though I am tenacious and persistent I don't have the resources to do website development. They are not the cheapest, but they are an excellent value and have proven their worth in my practice.
Mike Manoloff
BYF’s Platinum Website service is great. The Secure File Sharing tool is a huge improvement over portals on the market. Clients get it and find it so easy to use. No problems with ePay. It works seamlessly. Clients pay us much quicker now and don’t need instructions on how to use.
Michelle Montgomery
Thank you to Build Your Firm. I now have a dynamic site that highlights my specialties. If I request even a small change, my team is very responsive and willing to serve. After implementing the local search optimization guidelines, my list of prospects increased significantly. Many told me that they were looking for a CPA and "found me on the web". The website really does pay for itself!
Amy Thompson
Build Your Firm does an excellent job in terms of website development, SEO, customer service and integration with lots of great services via the website. They are always looking to add value and continue to offer ideas and ways to improve the processes for the CPA firm.

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Accounting Marketing Program

Ken Lewellyn
Good Value! Excellent presentation & followup.
Marian Jacklich
Overall the course is Informative and a useful package, even for seasoned professionals. Clearly specifically geared toward the public accountant. As with other accounting templates, be certain to review the templates for your own particular practice and clients.
Victor Delerme
I have a new accounting practice and attended this program to quickly grow my practice. Both instructors were knowledgeable and informative. I would not change any part of the Program, it was excellent and delivered what was promised. After attending, BYF has encouraged me to implement the marketing program. I am shocked at the response I am receiving immediately after implementing what BYF recommended and now realize that I should have done this program earlier. BYF really delivers.
Avo Asdourian
I am glad I found you. I am more confident and picked up a lot of great ideas. When I decided to go on my own it was a journey without guidance. I am great as a Tax adviser but marketing is a new world for me. I am no longer traveling the dark path I have BYF GPS guiding me a very successful future. Thank you very much and I also would like to complement on how great your staff has been with the support I received with my website. Thank you Nita, Robin, Dawn.
Marc Rayner
The Accounting Marketing Program was pretty amazing. You get so much more out of the interaction.  I definitely learned some great points that I hope to put into practice within the next couple of months. I have to move slowly since cash flow is a bit of an issue but the tools are great and points clear on what to do. I highly recommend Build Your Firm’s Accounting Marketing Program to accountants looking to grow their practice.

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Accounting Practice Management Program

David Ricks
Very good, very practical approach and information. I agree very much with the objectives and am hopeful about the marketing results.
Thomas Palm
Build Your Firm has provided our firm with the marketing help we needed to sustain our desired growth rate. Our dealings with them have been nothing short of outstanding.
Dario Zanichelli
One of the best practice management programs I have used in the 16 years that I have been a practicing CPA. I was skeptical at first, as most accountants are, however I became a believer. After my first month of implementing the program, I attained 5 new business clients and only 1/3 of its workload. I now have a new hope and I actually look forward to going into work for the first time in many years.
Rex Draughn
The practice development program has been the best investment I have made since starting my practice.
Katie Ihndris
I recommend the Practice Management program to ALL accountants. Implementing recommendations from this program has enabled me to streamline everything from work flow to billing and collections. Doing this has left me more time to focus on my clients and maintain a balanced lifestyle.

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Outsourced Marketing Program

Dario Zanichelli
I always concentrated my marketing efforts on one type of marketing. However, this program uses different types of marketing all working together simultaneously in an integrated environment, which has produced excellent results thus far. The internet marketing, which I was unfamiliar, was key. It brought my dinosaur marketing efforts into the 21st century.
J Marshall
Build Your Firm has an Outsourced Marketing Program which is outstanding. The team is very progessional and develops a comprehensive marketing program which identifies all aspects of where/how to find new clients. Recommend highly
Luke Gheen

It has now been almost four years since I started the outsourced marketing program. I could not be more pleased with the results. Hugh and BYF have done much more for me than they promised. I now have two other CPAs working for me, and am hiring a third this year. I’ve blown through the annual new business targets they set for me, and last year exceeded it by just almost 80%. This is the result of the momentum generated by years of doing whatever BYF tells me to do from a marketing and practice management standpoint. I have four websites, two niches, and get valuable advice and input every month. I feel like I have an ally to run things by. I don’t feel like I’m on my own trying to decide everything about my practice. That’s meant a lot to me.

Before I started this practice, I could not get anyone to take an interest in me – even practices I was trying to buy into. Now my revenue has exceeded a lot of those practices in less than four years, and my profit margins are quite high for the industry because I process business the way BYF recommended.

Signing up for the outsourced marketing and practice management program with Build Your Firm has been one of the best professional decisions I’ve ever made, and has changed my life and circumstances a great deal. I cannot recommend BYF highly enough.

John Charles Roe

I have been a BYF client for 8 years. I think it is a Great program. My only regret is that I didn't find them when I first opened my business in 2002.

Katie Ihndris
Despite the terrible economy, I have managed to acquire over $150,000 in new business and at least 50 business clients in just 11 months. I am incredibly excited about our growth prospects over the next two years and confident that BYF’s Outsouce Marketing Program will propel my practice to even higher levels in 2009.

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Accounting Marketing Study From Home

Marc Rayner
The Accounting Marketing Program was pretty amazing.  You get so much more out of the interaction.  I definitely learned some great points that I hope to put into practice within the next couple of months. I have to move slowly since cash flow is a bit of an issue but the tools are great and points clear on what to do. I highly recommend Build Your Firm's Accounting Marketing Program to accountants looking to grow their practice.
Ken Lewellyn
Excellent material. Recommend following up with live program for full efffect.
Marian Jacklich
The Accounting Marketing Program, excellent. I thoroughly enjoy having this material in advance of the live course as it gave me plenty of time to study and research specific points in the privacy of my office. In addition, I have the lecture which can be replayed whenever specific items come to my attention. The live course not only provided NASBA CPE, but had updated information and improvements. The DVD provided to me had certain technical limitations in playback, but overall was above average in quality, the notebook is useful. Be certain to evaluate templates independently for your own environment and practice.
Mark Sizemore
The accounting marketing program was great. It was one of, if not the best, accounting education programs I have been too. The live discussion helped clarify and emphasize points out of the home study program.
Joseph Belbol
I took the study at home program several months ago and was impressed with the presentation.  Now after attending the live version, it really reinforced the ideas and methods that were presented to market and grow my practice.

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Free CPE Webinars

Richard Eisberg
I was very interested in some of your ideas of web design and placement in engines
Evelyn Stone
Good, relevant info
Robert Mylum
Well presented as usual. I felt to much to cover in the time allotted. But since this was my 7th seminar a lot of the info had been covered before and from a personal standpoint I gained less info from this than the others.
Jane Fojtik
Very informative--I appreciate learning more about marketing. Thank you.
Kerry Johnson
Most of the information I had heard or learned from practice but still a good program. Glad I attended.

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