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6 Winning Ways to Promote Your Accounting Firm Awards

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Congratulations, you've won a business award! It goes without saying, awards and recognition are downright awesome for your accounting firm. It's a proverbial pat on the back confirming you're well-respected, and that you're doing something right.

Local awards, like Expertise, Clutch, and Three Best Rated can propel your practice on a pedestal and help you win more clients - but that's only if you're doing a good job at promoting your awards.

We're letting you in on 6 winning ways to share your firm's accolades, improve awareness, and land more business for your accounting firm.

But hang on a minute - let's quickly revisit the value of winning these awards in the first place.

1. Awards Build Credibility

Remember you're not trying to win over existing clients, they already know how great your firm is. It's the potential client that may need a little more convincing before doing business with you. Awards build credibility and differentiate your firm from the competition.

For example, a potential client may have a choice between the "Best Accountant in Atlanta" with good reviews and an accountant with good reviews, but no award. My guess, is they will choose the "best" accountant.

2. Awards Build Exposure

When your firm wins an award such as the Expertise - Best Accountants in Miami award, you're listed on the winner page for that particular award. There's a good chance this page may also show up in local search results.

awards local search results

The listing creates an additional place for prospective clients to find your firm online, increasing your exposure in local search.

3. Awards Build Buzz

It's human nature - everyone wants to work for and with the "best."

Earning an award can serve as an employee morale booster and may also help recruit new employees. Try including that you're an award-winning accounting firm in your job postings and see how many more applicants you attract.

4. Awards Build Confidence

We understand that running an accounting firm day-to-day is hard work, and it's easy to lose steam and motivation. Winning an award reminds you why you do what you do, and builds confidence in your ability to serve your clients.

Now let's get back to the business of promoting your award to help win more business.

6 Winning Ways to Promote Your Accounting Firm Awards

Here are 6 surefire ways to leverage your achievement and generate more leads.

1. Feature on Website

Awards give you authority. They are a testament to your talent and ability to serve your clients. So let's make sure visitors see it when they land on your website.

award badge on website

Upload your award seal (if available) to your homepage, footer, and about us page. Include a link to the award provider's website, such as this one, (if available) to add more credibility.

2. Share on Social Media

Don't be shy, but remain humble. Social media profile pages are the perfect place to share an award announcement, but be sure to celebrate your accomplishment by publicly thanking your employees and customers for helping you achieve what you've accomplished. Give credit where credit is due!

Some suggested items to include in your post:

  • Image - upload award seal or employee team photo
  • Link - link to your award listing or a page on your website about your award
  • Hashtag - add a relevant hashtag, such as #topcpa

Be sure to ask your employees to share the news on their social media profiles as well. You'll be amazed at how many likes and shares you'll get!

3. Email an Announcement

Spread the word to your existing clients by sending an email or including an announcement in your monthly accounting newsletter. Again, be sure to thank your customers for taking you to the top.

Also, consider placing your award badge as a callout in your email signature as a constant reminder on future emails.

4. Include in PPC Ads

Including a reference to your award in paid search advertising copy or headlines can be a real attention-getter, setting your firm apart from competitive ads. This is important when you consider that paid search listings beat out organic clicks by nearly a 2:1 margin for keywords.

award badge on website

5. Highlight in Local Listings

As you may know, local listings often include accounting firm reviews, such as with Google and Yelp. Featuring your award in local listings not only starts you out on the right foot, but it can also mitigate any negative reviews you may have.

We also suggest uploading a photo of your award badge to your local listing photo gallery (if applicable), and including as a post on your Google Business Profile.

6. Issue a Press Release

Craft a new release announcing your award and distribute it to local media outlets. Even if the organization presenting you with the award has already done this, it's still a good idea to issue your own press release. You will have the chance to describe your firm and service specialties, and include quotes from key personnel.

Besides, there is no such thing as too much press!

Remember, you've earned your award and you own the bragging rights to it. Optimize it to your advantage!

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6 Winning Ways to Promote Your Accounting Firm Awards
Hugh Duffy