Is Blogging Worth It for Accounting Firms?

Is Blogging Worth It for Accounting Firms?

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If you want more clients, then I recommend that you reconsider your position and keep an open mind about the role that a blog can play in your practice.

By all means, some of the accountants that I speak to think that blog posts are like trees falling in the forest and nobody cares. This thought process is perpetuated when they don't get many comments (other than spammers) and assume that people are not reading the blog posts and all of their work is worthless.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider adding a blog into your existing website:

Search Engine Benefits

Far and away, the largest benefit to blogging is improving your organic search placements in Google, Bing and Yahoo. Search engines give preferential treatment to websites that include a blog because they want to provide fresh and interesting content to readers online. This is also the biggest reason why accountants are finally getting on board. According to research provided by Hubspot, companies that blog realize:

  • 55% more website visitors
  • 97% more inbound links
  • 434% more indexed website pages

Blogs are Becoming the NEW Front Door

For many accounting firms, their blog is becoming the new front door into their website. And website analytics document that the first landing page is often within the blog (1st page new visitors see), the amount of time spent on the blog far outpaces regular website pages, and it generates more page views.

Branding Yourself and Developing a Following

If you have an area of concentration or a niche, a blog is a wonderful way to establish yourself as a knowledge expert and enables you to demonstrate your expertise. We often recommend that accounting firms that have an area of concentration or niche should blog on the niche website rather than the corporate (generalist) website for the accounting firm because it enables the blogger to write content that is more concentrated around a topic and enables search engines to better understand what the blog is about.

In today's world, blogging is becoming the new form of public relations. A well timed and provocative blog post can provide thousands of visitors to your website and create a following around something that is your passion. And even if nobody reads your first few blog posts, you can be assured that the search engines will find it and reciprocate by elevating your website placement in the search engine results pages.

As Nike would say, just do it! Get a blog integrated into your website.

About the Author

Hugh Duffy is co-founder and chief marketing officer of Build Your Firm, an accounting practice marketing and accounting website development firm.Build Your Firm designs websites for accounting firms that are search engine optimized and designs WordPress blogs within the accounting websites. Blog posting is easy as writing a letter in Word. BYF charges $200 to design a blog and then $10 per month to host and support it ongoing. BYF recommends that the blog be placed within an accounting firm website so the accountant generates leads and new business. Contact BYF at 888-999-9800 x1 for more information.

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Is Blogging Worth It for Accounting Firms?
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