Lead Generation Requires a Systematic Approach

Lead Generation Requires a Systematic Approach

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As business owners, we all love to make the phone ring for new business and the ensuing chase to close the deal.

Most small business owners think lead generation is a short term event driven by a magical promotion. Unfortunately, lead generation is not an event where you flip on a switch and the phones start ringing. In reality, consistent and effective lead generation requires a systematic approach. It's not sexy but effective when done right and over a sustained period of time.

Effective lead generation is built on the following fundamentals:

  • sound and proven marketing principles
  • targeted methodology that generates quality leads
  • time tested approach and sustainable
  • permission based approach

If your lead generation program is not systematic and rock solid, stop flying by the seat of your pants and acquire a systematic approach that will work for years.

About the Author

Hugh Duffy is co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer for Build Your Firm, a marketing firm for accountants. Build Your Firm works with small accounting firms providing accounting marketing, practice management, selling skills development, accounting niche development and website development services. Hugh has over twenty five years of marketing experience and holds an MBA degree in Marketing from the University of Rochester.

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Lead Generation Requires a Systematic Approach
Hugh Duffy