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Unless you're holed up somewhere binge-watching a Netflix series, you should be fully in tune with the dominance of video content streaming on social media "airways". "Show Don't Tell" are the new words to live by if you're an accountant seeking to engage, retain, and build a solid audience on social media.

According to Hubspot, video has taken over as the number one form of marketing content being created, followed by blogs.  Video consumption on YouTube, TikTok and Instagram are on fire.  

Here's four reasons why it's high time you took stock of your video "airtime" on social media.

1. Capture Attention

Animated images have captivated audiences for well over a century. Biologically speaking, our brains are hardwired to evaluate movement as a survival tactic. A moving object is what's referred to as a "pull cue" - our brains are programmed to take notice and perceive it as a potential threat, so we pay attention to it. The simple science - if you look at a still image and something suddenly moves, your eyes are automatically attracted to that object.

Let's be "reel", in comparison to the written word, videos are not only eye-catching, they're easier to digest, more exciting, and more memorable than their inanimate counterparts.

2. Tell a Story


Videos are not only winning the race in the face of shrinking attention spans, they allow you to say more in less time. Unlike text content that relies heavily on precise word choices and punctuation, video is a superior story-telling medium in that it concisely conveys your message in the form of visual cues, verbal tone, and body language.  We've cued up two video examples for you at the end of this article.

Videos also have the highest retention rate of all forms of content media with viewers retaining 95 percent of a video's message in comparison to 10 percent when reading text. This statistic goes back to the basics of brain biology since 90 percent of information transmitted to the brain is visual, and visuals are processed 60,000X faster than text!

Now that's brain-boggling!

3. Keep Them Engaged

Video is by far the most effective form of content when it comes to engagement. According to a study by Wyzowl, 83 percent of video marketers say video has helped increase average time their visitors spend on the page. And you can't ignore this statistic - One-third of all online activity is spent watching videos!

If you're wondering how to keep those viewers glued to your video, keep one simple rule in mind - keep it short! Vidyard's Video Benchmark report reveals that the majority of videos (60%) are less than 2 minutes long, and 58 percent of viewers watch a business-related video all the way through if it’s less than 60 seconds.

The majority of videos (60%) are less than 2 minutes long, and 58 percent of viewers watch a business-related video all the way through if it’s less than 60 seconds.

Also make sure you pack the most compelling content within the first 3 seconds if you want anyone to watch your video at all! It takes people less than three seconds to decide whether they want to watch your video or bail, so make certain the start of your video is engaging, concise, and visual.

And now hear this - 92 percent of viewers watch videos with the sound muted and 50 percent rely on captions. Some of the reasons people said they watch video without sound include they were in a quite space, they didn't have headphones, they were waiting in line, or they were multitasking.

Translation - It's a good idea to create videos that are optimized for silent viewing, which means you should consider adding short captions.

Additional stats on social media video content consumption:

  • Video posts on social media get 48 percent more views
  • Facebook (76%) is the second most popular platform among marketers for sharing videos, followed by LinkedIn (66%)
  • Video posts have the highest organic engagement on Facebook

4. Drive Up Conversions

Now that you've captured some attention, don't set yourself on a crash course for non-conversion. A recent Vidyard Video Benchmark Report reveals over 70 percent of marketers claim that video produces more conversions than any other content.

To optimize your video for conversions, it's important to prompt a viewer to take action by including a CTA (call-to-action) at the close of your video. Simply said - it's an action you want a viewer to take after watching your video. Some suggested video CTA's include:

  • Visiting a website
  • Booking a consultation
  • Calling a phone number

You may even entertain inviting viewers to share your video, since videos are shared 1200% more times than links and text combined!

So that's a wrap - we've given you four solid reasons accountants and CPAs should post videos on social media. Post high-impact videos that showcase your services, keep your audience engaged, and motivate prospects to contact you. Consider putting out content on relevant accounting and tax issues such as tax implications for remote employment, business cash flow, or the risks of an IRS audit.

Are you short on time or skills needed to produce videos? Build Your Firm curates a rich library of relevant and timely accounting and tax videos ready for posting to your Facebook or LinkedIn profile. Below are two examples:

  • Double Tax Trap for Remote Workers

  • Penalties for Not Filing Taxes

If you would like Build Your firm to help manage your Social Media strategy, check out our Content Marketing in a Box services, or contact us at 888-999-9800, ext. 1, or email us at

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