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Why You Should Acquire a Systematic Approach to Selling Accounting Services

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If you have a "systematic approach" to marketing and selling your accounting services, your results will be far more effective than some fly by the seat of your pants approach. That's because a systematic approach is more predictable and consistent in delivering the results you want. Just like with most things in life, having a system in place is always more successful than just trying things here and there.

What is a systematic approach to selling and what does an effective system look like? Let's take a look at some examples and tips for what makes a selling approach effective.

Systematic Approaches Are Used Everyday

Each weekend while watching sports, we see leading athletes use a systematic approach to deliver consistent, and superior, results. In basketball, the systematic approach used by Lebron James and Steph Curry for free throw shooting is far more effective than watching the approach used by Shaquille O'Neil and Ben Wallace. In golf Rory McIlroy uses a systematic approach every single shot.

If you're baking a soufflé and following your great-grandmother's recipe, you're probably going to follow the directions word-for-word. You don't want to just try adding in an extra egg or leave out the cream of tartar. If you don't follow the directions closely, you're likely to end up with a soufflé that's too dense or too wet.

Whether it's a system for hitting the shot, making a cake, studying for an exam, processing payroll, or interviewing for a job, there is a process that we've all adopted to improve our results and give ourselves the best possible outcome. We do this because it works.

So why would YOU go about marketing your business and making sales calls without a system? Building your business without a sales system is like driving your car with your eyes closed.

Think about it, would you sit for the CPA or Bar exam without a process for studying? Would you make a turkey for Thanksgiving dinner without a proven recipe? Would you have a putt to win the Masters without a tried and true routine? Of course not... There are things in life where we rely on proven systems to yield better results. Your marketing should be one of those things.

What is an Accounting Firm Sales System?

A system is simply a series of steps designed to achieve a specific result. It contains a set of principles, processes, strategies, and approaches to deliver results day-in and day-out. It is far more effective than a hodge-podge approach.

Your systematic approach to your selling should include the following:

  • A strong understanding of your audience
  • A way to track your leads
  • A standard way of responding to inquiries
  • Presentation of your value
  • A system for to nurturing leads (and stay top of mind)

Not All Sales Systems are Effective

Because our world is constantly changing, it's important to update your sales system so it's current with today's marketplace. With the internet and do-not-call lists, a dusty old sales system from yesteryear will not cut it either.

If you are serious about your business, here are three systems that are imperative for growing your business:

  1. System for Lead Generation: This is about the top of your funnel. You need an effective method for bringing in new prospects.
  2. System for Converting Prospects: Once you've gotten their attention you need to be able to demonstrate your value, speak to their pain points, and show them why you're the right choice.
  3. System for Selling More to Existing Clients: Never neglect existing clients. These are people who have already purchased from you and know your value, so selling to them is easier.

The easiest way to acquire a sales system is to learn them from others who have a lot more experience with marketing and selling and have tested their effectiveness. And after you acquire this system, you'll realize how much easier it is to consistently grow your business.

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Why You Should Acquire a Systematic Approach to Selling Accounting Services
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