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Build Your Firm Launches Niche Website Development Service

Search engine optimized websites for niche accounting firms

MADISON, CT, September 22, 2009 —Build Your Firm, a full-service maarketing company for accounting firms , announced today the launch of their new website development services for niche accounting firms . This new service is designed to help accounting firms with a limited range of accounting services capitalize on Build Your Firm’s industry leading search engine optimization and internet marketing services for accountants.

Over the past few years, Build Your Firm has been approached by accounting firms that were not full service and frustrated by the cookie cutter templates designed for fullservice accounting firms. Build Your Firm was quick to research this issue in the marketplace.

“We learned that there was a need in the market for unique accounting firms that wanted a ‘custom’ approach to website development without the responsibility of writing all of the content,” stated Hugh Duffy, Chief Marketing Officer for Build Your Firm. “For example, an accounting firm that is dedicated to non-profit audits struggles with cookie cutter websites because the software code was written for the typical accounting firm providing various tax services, which they do not offer.”

Niche websites that are clearly focused on a single theme and market segment are much more effective than a template website. By creating a site that is designed around a highly focused niche, firms can dramatically increase conversion rates from prospects and improve the visibility within search engines.

The following are some examples of Build Your Firm’s niche accounting websites:

Accounting services for churches — Designed for faith-based organizations in the southeast.

Financial management and consulting — Developed for outsourced CFO, mergers and acquisitions, and turnaround management services.

Healthcare accounting services — Dedicated to doctors, dentists, home health, and medical arts businesses.

Accounting services for dentists — Designed for accounting, tax, asset management, and consulting services for dentists.

Non-Profit Accounting — Dedicated to non-profit accounting services.

Payroll Services — Developed for full-service payroll providers.

With Build Your Firm’s approach to niche website development, a website consultant is assigned to write 95% of the content, optimize the website for search engines, and make the entire process turnkey for accountants. Visit www. or call 888.999.9800 x1 to learn more.

About Build Your Firm

Established in 2003, Build Your Firm is dedicated to the accounting industry. Build Your Firm works with accounting professionals all over the United States providing practice development, practice management and website services. The firm’s proven accounting marketing system helps accountants acquire business clients with ease, operate at higher hourly realization rates and profit margins, and achieve true work-life balance. For more information on Build Your Firm, visit www. or call 888.999.9800 x1.