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4% Corporate Tax Rate for Businesses

4% Corporate Tax Rate for Businesses


by Hugh Duffy

4% Corporate Tax Rate for Businesses

What business owner would not be interested in a 4% corporate tax rate, zero capital gains, and zero dividends tax? Why would a program be created offering wealthy United States citizens such a deal?

Puerto Rico has been willing to supply a lucrative tax incentives because it needs money from business owners and investors here in the US. These incentives had been in place for decades and then cut in 1996, which has forced Puerto Rico into a large debt situation.

To attract capital investment from wealthy US businesses, Puerto Rico has created a huge incentive for businesses seeking tax relief.

To help United States businesses capitalize on the Puerto Rico tax incentives, Delerme CPA has created a boutique service designed to maximize the financial benefits of relocating to this tax oasis. Delerme CPA is a licensed US CPA Firm, and licensed in Puerto Rico as well.

To learn more about Puerto Rico tax incentives, visit Delerme CPA yourself. If intrigued, call them at 404-445-8095 to learn various ways to partially capitalize.

Delerme CPA is bilingual (English or Spanish) and licensed to practice in Puerto Rico and Georgia.

Disclosure – Delerme CPA has been a marketing client of Build Your Firm since 2009 and very successful. Victor Delerme started his own practice in 2008 after working for KPMG and a large regional CPA Firm. If you have a client of your firm who may be interested, call 404-445-8095 and ask for Victor.

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