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4 Reasons Why a Meet the Team Page is Vital to Your Accounting Practice

4 Reasons Why a Meet the Team Page is Vital to Your Accounting Practice


by Hugh Duffy

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Here's a loaded question. Are you more inclined to do business with a faceless company that you have zero info on, or from a company that provides you with in-depth details? The answer is a no-brainer.

People like doing business with companies and professionals that they know and trust, and a "Meet the Team" page fills the gaps to get them there. "About Us" pages are nice, but prospective clients are craving more than a colloquial mission statement, they want to "meet" the people they're potentially going to be working with.

"Meet the Team" or "About Us" pages are quickly moving to the top of the list as one of the most important pages on your website. In fact "Meet the Team" pages are typically the most viewed page besides the homepage!

Yet countless accounting firms shy away from "picture day" and are lacking in the "Meet the Team" department, and in doing so, losing potential business!

Here are the top four reasons why you should make your "Meet the Team" page a top priority this tax season:

Why Your Accounting Firm Needs a "Meet the Team" Page

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1. Humanize your firm

People relate to people - it's that simple. Including photos and interesting bios for each of your team members creates a deeper connection with your audience. Prospective clients not only want to read about your services, they also want to get to know the firm itself, and the people behind the scenes.

Staff photos and bios humanize your accounting practice, rather than being viewed as a faceless organization.


  • Use good quality photos with a consistent format
  • Include titles and roles
  • Share a fun fact or hobby

2. Showcase your talent

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When it comes to the top reasons for choosing an accounting firm, key qualifications rank extremely high on the list. A well-crafted "Meet the Team" page should serve as a testament to your firm's ability to provide the services and solutions prospective clients are searching for. After all, they are entrusting your firm with their financial well-being!

Qualify each team member's expertise by highlighting skills, experience, and accomplishments. This is an effective method in gaining trust and convincing your audience that your firm is the right choice.


  • List education, designations, and certifications
  • Feature areas of expertise
  • Include profile links

3. Provide transparency

meet the team page

Every company has a story. The more information you divulge, the more likable you become, and the more trusted you will be. A "Meet the Team" page provides legitimacy and shows there are real people behind the company name. It's all about making potential clients feel comfortable enough to hire you.

Consider sharing stories about what motivates each team member and why they do what they do. Personal insights about your team provides transparency and establishes trust in your firm.


  • Share personal stories
  • Include milestones
  • Highlight accomplishments

Links to team page examples:

Example 1

Example 2

Example 3

Example 4

4. Build your brand

When it comes right down to it, you want to leave a lasting memory in the mind of a prospective client. Humanizing your company, showcasing your team's talents, and being transparent contribute to building your overall brand.

Every accounting website can list the same services and solutions, but a dynamic "Meet the Team" page can make all the difference between winning a client, or sending them to search elsewhere.

And while investing your time in building out a "Meet the Team" page, don't stop there. Repurpose team photos and content to help optimize social media or internet listings, such as your Google My Business listing, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Need help with a "Meet the Team" page? We're at your service! Contact us at 888-999.9800, ext 1, or email us at to learn more. We specialize in websites and marketing services for accountants.

Hugh Duffy