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Acquiring More Leads for Certified Business Valuation Services

Acquiring More Leads for Certified Business Valuation Services


by Hugh Duffy

Biz Val - Mck Patten

To generate more quality leads for Business Valuation services, McKinnon Patten made the decision to develop a website dedicated to their business valuation and succession planning services. Traditionally, leads for these services came from existing clients and the engagements were rather attractive. To increase the flow of leads and make more businesses in the Dallas Metroplex aware of their niche in this area, they've gone forward with a website dedicated to this segment of their business.

McKinnon Patten has operated in the Dallas Fort Worth area since 1969. As a traditional CPA firm, they've done very little marketing and relied on word of mouth over the years. However, with the economic growth in north Texas centered around the energy sector, they've elected to turn up the volume and generate more leads from the internet.

Currently, McKinnon Patten has four responsive designed websites designed to attract high quality leads. Like most regional CPA firms, they have a generalist website which communicates their overall services. However, to generate more leads in their areas of concentration and improve their overall hourly realization rates, they also have niche websites for Energy, Real Estate and Business Valuation.

If you'd like to acquire more leads from the internet, contact Nita Sabo at Build Your Firm, 888-999-9800 x1.

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