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Attracting More Restaurants, Hotels and Night Clubs

Attracting More Restaurants, Hotels and Night Clubs


by Hugh Duffy

Attracting More Restaurants, Hotels and Night Clubs

Now that the economy is slowly bouncing back, we've been getting more accounting firms expressing an interest in attracting the hospitality industry. By hospitality, we're talking about restaurants, bars, food service, hotels and golf clubs.

By all means, developing an expertise in the hospitality industry is not for most accountants because it's more work than a simple service based client. However, those that are interested in it because the annual fees are attractive and the industry is rather large. And, most of the owners are real people without the attitude in some industries.

If you'd like to attract more restaurants, bars, hotels, catering and food service clients, here are some examples where we've helped accountants attract more leads within the hospitality industry:

Restaurant CPA in Indianapolis

Restaurant and Bar Accounting in Wisconson

Restaurant and Bar Accounting - Seattle WA

Feel free to take a look at all the restaurant and hospitality accounting websites in our gallery. Tell us what type of clients you want to acquire and chances are, we can help you put your best foot forward with a more persuasive website targeted towards your niche audience.

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