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Attractive Organic Growth – Veterinary Market

Attractive Organic Growth – Veterinary Market


by Hugh Duffy

Attractive Organic Growth – Veterinary Market

Demand for veterinary services and animal hospitals have been steady and strong. Compound annual growth rates of 5-6% have been common and consistent. It's rare to see solid organic growth rates like this.

To illustrate, we all know that it's common (and cool) for millennials to have pets before settling down and getting married. And as the nest gets empty, our parents have multiple pets. My mom included.

In today's world, pets are part of the family so ordinary pet food is passé. Expensive pet medical procedures are now in vogue. Heck, pet health insurance and IPOs like Chewy are common as well.

The nice thing is that veterinarian practices are typically operated by a single owner and servicing them as a client requires little compliance work. Given the attractiveness of this market, it's no wonder that we have many accounting firms chasing veterinary practices over doctors.

To illustrate why veterinary practices and pet hospitals are great clients, we recently hosted a podcast with Jimmy Bell who now focuses on the veterinary industry vertical and loves it. He has been in our industry for 40 years and wishes he had the courage to do this earlier.

Accounting Websites for the Veterinary Industry

Below are some examples of accountants who hired Build Your Firm to design a veterinary accounting website for them:

California Veterinary CPA Accounting – Morey CPA servicing Southern California.

Colorado Veterinary CPA Accounting – Gheen & Co CPA's servicing Colorado.

Florida Veterinary CPA Accounting – Freuler and Assoc CPA's servicing Florida.

Georgia Veterinary CPA Accounting – Pennington CPA servicing Atlanta metro.

New Mexico CPA Accounting – Jon Bell CPA servicing New Mexico.

New York CPA Accounting – Feinsot CPA servicing New York City metro.

Ohio CPA Accounting – Siebert and Reynolds CPAs in Ohio.

Utah CPA Accounting – Basinger CPA servicing Utah.

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