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Best Time of the Year to Get Reviews – During Tax Season

Best Time of the Year to Get Reviews – During Tax Season


by Hugh Duffy

Best Time of the Year to Get Reviews – During Tax Season

While I understand you are busy during tax season, NOW is the best time of the year to obtain online reviews. That's right, your clients appreciate what you do for them this time of year. Ask for some candy back. That's right, ask them to post a review online for your accounting practice.

If you are accustomed to reading reviews online as part of your process for selecting a restaurant, hotel, or even a book to read, then why not do the same for your accounting practice. Online reviews motivate people to hire you. It's common sense. Do yourself a favor and obtain some reviews now.

Here are some places that you should obtain online reviews during tax season:

  1. Google+ - Yes, you have to open up a Google+ account and claim your business.
  2. Intuit QuickBooks Find-A-ProAdvisor directory
  3. Yahoo Local
  4. Bing Local
  5. Yelp (very hard to obtain, you need to have Yelpers as clients)

Getting favorable reviews can get your phone ringing. Personally, I think the best way to get reviews for your practice is to start by paying the compliment forward. That's right, you should consider giving reviews for your clients that you genuinely support, along with some of your favorite watering holes. If you want some great reviews in Yelp and Google+, then spend a couple of hours writing favorable reviews for 10-15 of your business clients and some of your favorite restaurants. And then, write some more 1-2 weeks from now.

If you need more convincing or instructions, here are some articles to consider.

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