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Cost Segregation for Dental Practices

Cost Segregation for Dental Practices


by Hugh Duffy

Cost Segregation for Dental Practices

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In our weekly webinar series, the Dental Accounting Association learned about enormous tax savings opportunities for dental practices by leveraging cost segregation.

The webinar thoroughly covered how most dentists have missed out on opportunities to shorten depreciation time, which in turn lowers income tax obligations for commercial real estate. Surprisingly, the requirements to qualify were very simple and straight forward. And the building size does not need to be large.

While cost segregation can be performed at any stage of ownership, our industry expert highlighted that it is best prior to construction for the maximum tax savings.

During the webinar, several examples were provided for dental practices with 2,000 to 5,000 square feet and the savings were shocking. Based on our new partnership with the cost segregation leader for dentists, the Dental Accounting Association is eager to capitalize on these tax savings.

Logo - PNGThe Dental Accounting Association is a collaborative group of CPA Accounting Firms that are laser focused on tax savings for dentists. Cost segregation will become a foundation for attaining lower taxes. In addition, our Dental Accounting Association members provide benchmarking and dental practice coaching services designed to improve financial performance. Each member of the Dental Accounting Association provides fixed fee services (no hourly billing) and works with all types of dentists.

Visit the Dental Accounting Association to learn who the Dental CPA Firm is in your area.

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