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CPA Accounting Firms for Dairy Farms

CPA Accounting Firms for Dairy Farms


by Hugh Duffy

CPA Accounting Firms for Dairy Farms

In uncertain economic times, every advantage counts.

That's why savvy farmers are searching to work with CPA Firms that specialize within the dairy farm industry ensuring they get the

best possible tax advice rather than continuing to work with a nearby CPA Firm. With cloud computing and legislative changes, it pays to align yourself with the best regional CPA Firm that focuses on dairy farm accounting rather than working with a local yocal.

Here are two regional CPA Firms that truly understand farm accounting.

  1. Dairy Farm Accounting in Midwest– Gatlin CPA Group is a regional CPA Firm that works with crop farms, dairy farms, livestock farms, organic farms and nurseries across the Midwestern region. To learn more, call 219-462-7544 and ask for Harold Gatlin.
  1. Dairy Farm Accounting in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas– McKinnon Patten CPA is a regional CPA Firm that understands the complexity of operating a family farm, particularly in a soft oil market. They work with dairy farms, organic farms, cattle ranches and crop farms. At the same time, they also specialize in oil in gas accounting which is key to operating a family farm in the southwest region. They have operated for over 40 years. To learn more, simply call 214-696-1922 and ask for Mark Patten.
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