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CPA Accounting for Dentists - Becoming More Attractive

CPA Accounting for Dentists - Becoming More Attractive


by Hugh Duffy

CPA Accounting for Dentists - Becoming More Attractive

As the medical practice industry is going through the pains of consolidation and transition, dental accounting is looking more attractive to many CPA Accounting Firms. That's right, the dental industry is steady, profitable and not suffering from the effects of medical insurance reform. And, many dentists are sole practitioners so decision making on key financial decisions is far simpler.

Conversely, dentists are capitalizing on cloud computing and technology to improve their practice operations. The next evolution is to work with specialized dental practice providers for accounting, legal and practice management advice.

Below are CPA Accounting Firms that are ahead of the curve and specializing in dental accounting.

1. Dental Practice Accounting in Orland0 FL - Peter J Freuler CPA works with dentists of all types throughout Orlando and Central Florida. His firm has been focused on dentists and oral surgeons for many years now. They also have a specialty in real estate accounting which dovetails nicely with dental practitioners.

2. Dental Practice CPA Accounting in New York City - Mark Feinsot CPA grew up in a dental household as his dad was a dentist. Mark's interest were more technical in nature as he was originally interested in physics and aviation before venturing into accounting. Today, Mark has a niche in dental practice accounting and high net worth individuals.

3. Dental Practice Accounting - Orange County CA - Morey & Associates works with dentists throughout Orange County and Los Angeles. They also have a niche in real estate accounting, which supports his dental practice clients nicely.

4. Dental Practice Accounting - Denver - Colorado Springs CO - Gheen & Co CPA work with dentists throughout Colorado.

5. Dental Practice CPA Accountant - Tampa - Naples FL - Tampa Bay CPA works with dentists on the West Coast of Florida.

6. Dental Practice CPA Accountant - Chicago - 1st Chicago Accounting work with dentists through Chicago.

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7. Dental Practice CPA Firm - Houston Texas - Mike Manoloff PC works with dentists throughout Houston, Austin and San Antonio.

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