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Dental CPA's Focused on Tax Savings

Dental CPA's Focused on Tax Savings


by Hugh Duffy

Dental CPA's Focused on Tax Savings

To drill even deeper on tax saving opportunities for dentists, the Dental Accounting Association is hosting a series of educational webinars ranging from dental transitions to cost segregation. In some cases, the webinars have been designed to better protect dentists from outside creditors and lawsuits.

Over the next three weeks, six webinars are scheduled to raise the bar on ways to minimize taxes, avoid dental lawsuits, and protect the practice from malpractice lawsuits from leaders within the dental industry.

The Dental Accounting Association is a collaborative group of CPA Firms that are focused on tax savings for dentists along with financial best practices ranging from dental benchmarking to dental practice coaching. Each member of the Dental Accounting Association provides fixed fees (no hourly billing) and works with the dental specialists such as:

Dental Law Firms

Dental Practice Insurance

Dental Practice Cost Segregation

Dental Practice Management Coaches

Dental Loan Providers

Visit the Dental Accounting Association to learn who the Dental CPA Firm who you should contact.

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