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Developing Your Niche - Adult Entertainment Accounting

Developing Your Niche - Adult Entertainment Accounting


by Hugh Duffy

Developing Your Niche - Adult Entertainment Accounting

Developing Your Own Niche

Most accountants are generalists and truly struggle with the concept of narrowing their target audience and developing a niche. For most, it is counter-intuitive.

A niche specialty is common and generally understood within the medical community, dentistry, law, construction, and nearly every industry. However, most accountants fail to capitalize on developing a niche to truly differentiate themselves from the competition and command a premium price.

Developing a niche (boutique service) within the accounting industry requires you to decide:

- what industry or type of service is underserved and ripe with opportunity

- what industry or type of service is growing due to organic growth or changes in legislation

- is the target audience willing to pay extra to stay in compliance

Here are several examples of niches that Build Your Firm has helped accountants capitalize. And for obvious reasons, many accountants have been afraid to develop a niche focusing on these industries.

Adult Entertainment Tax and Accounting - While many of us shy away from the pornography, the porn industry is a $97 billion dollar industry and has been around for decades and is global in scope. Within the United States, porn generates $12-14 billion dollars in annual revenue. Here are a couple stats that should open your eyes:

- 25% of internet searches are pornography related

- approximately 40 million Americans visit porn sites

- internet pornography makes up 20% of total e-commerce sales in the US

- profits from pornography are very high (50%) and rapidly growing

- growth during covid was up over +25-40%

- porn businesses want to minimize their taxes and don't want to meet with you in person (remote clients) 

- porn businesses want service without shame or guilt on what they do professionally

Adult Entertainment Accounting Tax
Tax Accountant for Porn - Adult Entertainment

Learn how Adult Entertainment Accounting can be done tastefully and without shame.

If you are tepid and want to soft peddle your way into the entertainment accounting industry, here are several examples:

CPA for Film Industry, Photgraphers, Actors, Talent Agencies and Video Content Providers

CPA for Entertainment Production, Cast and Crew, Musicians and Filmmakers

Certified Tax Coach for Photographers, Small Production Houses, Social Media Influencers

Hugh Duffy