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Does My Accounting Website Need an Secure HTTPS Domain?

Does My Accounting Website Need an Secure HTTPS Domain?


by Hugh Duffy

Does My Accounting Website Need an Secure HTTPS Domain?

You've likely seen HTTP when using the internet. It's used every time you make a hyperlink. It stands for "Hypertext Transfer Protocol," and it's how data is communicated on the internet.

Lately, you may have been hearing about HTTPS. The addition of this "s" states that this site is secure by using encrypted data transmission methods.

How does HTTPS work?

Most people have seen HTTP which means, "Hypertext Transfer Protocol." HTTPS stands for "Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure." By using an HTTPS it means you are transferring data by using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). This SSL connection will encrypt and then decrypt the transmission of data and the data requests.

When you visit a website your computer sends a request to a server to view the information and the server sends that information back to you. It's basically like a door you can simply open, get the information, and leave. A secure site with an SSL certificate is like having a lock on the door. You can think of this door as having two locks with two sets of keys. The first key unlocks the data when it verifies that the end user is talking directly to the server it thinks it is. The second key unlocks when it ensures that only the server can read what you send it and only you can read what is sent back.

Why should your accounting website use HTTPS?


Google and other search engines want to provide the best sites available to searchers. Because of this, they have indicated that websites that are using a secure connection of HTTPS get a boost in their search engine ranking - helping to keep you at the top of search results.


An HTTPS not only tells a visitor to your site that their visit is secure but it also protects your site from malicious attackers and intruders. In short, an HTTPS protects the integrity of your website and it protects the privacy of your website visitors.

Having and HTTPS will:

  • IMPROVE SEO: Let Google and other search engines know your site is secure, improving your rankings in search results.
  • PROTECT YOUR SITE: Prevent intruders from tampering with the communication between your website and visitors to your website.
  • PROTECT YOUR VISITORS: Protect the privacy of those who are visiting your site.
  • VISUALLY DISPLAY SECURITY: An HTTPS puts the "lock" on your website's URL by encrypting data as it passes through the internet letting anyone viewing the site know it is secure at a quick glance.

At Build Your Firm, all our accounting websites come with an HTTPS domain as part of your package. Because we believe in creating a search engine optimized website that will help you get found online, we include the SSL certificate at no additional charge. Feel free to visit us online to learn more about our websites for accountants, or give us a call at 888-999-9800.

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