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Drilling Deeper on Dental CPA Marketing

Drilling Deeper on Dental CPA Marketing


by Hugh Duffy

Drilling Deeper on Dental CPA Marketing

Within the United States, there are approximately 210,000 practicing dentists and 174,000 dental practices. Each year, the 58 dental schools graduate another 5,000 new dentists into the marketplace. To better service the needs of dentists, here are two CPA Firms that are raising the bar to attract far more than their fair share by providing a comprehensive dental marketing campaign.

New Dentists Program

To create a feeder system of new dentists, savvy CPA Firms will often design a program to help out new dentists.

With the cost of dental schools these days, the typical graduate from a dental school has over $180,000 in student loan debt upon graduation. As a result, they are often not in a position to develop a practice immediately upon graduation. However, they are actively seeking to improve their financial position so that they seeking to form the right professional relationships.

Join a Leading Association for Dental Accounting

In the dental industry, dentists belong to study clubs to share practice information regularly. To elevate the quality of dental accounting and tax services, these two accountants have become members of the Dental Accounting Association, a leading network of CPA Accountants working collaboratively to share tax planning strategies, dental benchmarking and better service dentists.

Incorporating Technology into Online Marketing

Leading CPA firms are going beyond cloud computing and have incorporated video into their dental niche websites, further demonstrating their commitment to provide the best tax and accounting advice to dentists.

  • CPA Accountants for Dentists - Denver - Colorado Springs - Boulder - Gheen & Company operates a tech savvy accounting practice for dentists that want their CPA Firm to be savvy too. This firm is paperless, operates in the cloud, proud member of Dental Accounting Association and active with the Denver Dental Society.
  • CPA Accountants for Dentists - Texas - Mike Manoloff CPA operates a tech savvy accounting practice for dentists throughout Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico. In addition to an active new dental program, this firm has an active outreach program to dentists.
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