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Engagements Now Drive Payments

Engagements Now Drive Payments


by Hugh Duffy

Engagements Now Drive Payments

Are you tired of wasting valuable hours on billing every month that could be spent making money and growing your business?

Do you hate chasing clients to get paid, souring relationships, and getting stuck eating the costs of bad debt?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then you'll love BizPayO. In one click, you can send a client an engagement letter, receive payment authorization, and setup recurring billing. And, with our Upcharge Technology, you can recover the costs of charge cards to get paid at $0 net cost.

To operate your accounting practice more efficiently and similar to other tech-savvy businesses, BizPayO now offers the following capabilities:
  • Deliver your engagement agreements within BizPayO (electronically)
  • Receive payment authorization within BizPayO (recurring monthly and one-time)
  • Get paid via credit cards, debit cards and ACH (eCheck) in one integrated system
  • Get paid by credit cards and debit cards at $0 net cost
  • BizPayO was designed by an accountant, Allan Ratafia, enabling you to deliver engagement agreements, payment authorization, and then get paid electronically in one easy-to-use system.
  • With BizPayO, you can save time on billing and get paid far less expensively.

Modernize your engagement process with BizPayO today. Learn more at or call 888-999-9800 x1 for more questions.

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Hugh Duffy, BYF CEO and Co-Founder

Hugh is the consummate marketing coach for accountants and takes pride in the impact that it has on their practice, and lives. Hugh has more than thirty years of marketing experience. Since 2003, he has been teaching accountants on how to improve their marketing and make more money from their accounting practice.