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Estate and Trusts Advisory Niche

Estate and Trusts Advisory Niche


by Hugh Duffy

Real Estate and Trusts for Accountants

Developing a niche within Estate and Trust Advisory services is one of the more challenging niches to develop. Often, it requires a team of CPA’s, estate attorneys, and financial advisors with extensive knowledge of living trusts, specialty trusts, charitable trusts and revocable trusts to collaborate. When done well, this niche can be lucrative and attract a steady stream of high net worth clients.

Niche development should be part of all growth-focused CPA practices. However, you need to understand your local marketplace and whether your firm can acquire the skills necessary to fill a need.

If your CPA Firm is located in a market that attracts high net worth individuals, here are some examples of websites that we have developed:

If your firm has the capabilities to provide these services, we’d love to hear from you.

Estate and Trusts Advisory Websites by Build Your Firm
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