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Getting More Leads from Intuit's Find-a-Proadvisor Website

Getting More Leads from Intuit's Find-a-Proadvisor Website


by Hugh Duffy


By all means, I understand that some accountants still resist the urge to embrace QuickBooks. Heck, I even remember accountants telling me how much better Thomson Reuter's CBS and Peachtree were. After a decade of clinging to alternatives, it's time to jump on the band wagon and swallow that bitter pill.

In December, Intuit will be launching a new certification called QB Online Advanced, to support their improvements to QB Online. By all means, I realize that it's not elegant but it is better than it used to be. If you would like to improve your placement within Intuit's Find-a-ProAdvisor website and continue getting leads from QB users (small business owners), please plan to take this certification in early December. Being one of the first to pass this will matter to your placement.

For small tax practices that want to acquire small business clients, here are my suggestions:

- Obtain at least four (4) QuickBook certifications. If you obtain all six (6), your placement will be towards the top.

- Support your profile completely with a picture, hyperlink to your website, and treat the profile like an advertisement, which it is.

- Encourage happy clients to post glowing reviews about your QB review and clean-up services.

- Support your QuickBooks concentration with a BYF website dedicated to your QuickBooks services, for more leads from Google, Bing and Yahoo.

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Hugh Duffy, BYF CEO and Co-Founder

Hugh is the consummate marketing coach for accountants and takes pride in the impact that it has on their practice, and lives. Hugh has more than thirty years of marketing experience. Since 2003, he has been teaching accountants on how to improve their marketing and make more money from their accounting practice.