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How To Write an Effective About Us Page

How To Write an Effective About Us Page


by Hugh Duffy

How To Write an Effective About Us Page

The About Us page is an integral component of your accounting website, chance to tell your story, and build trust with your prospects and clients. Unfortunately, most accountants elect to punt and take the easy way out. Every single business has a story to tell. Whether it's a local restaurant, architect, lawyer, or golf course. 

Your About Us page helps tell your story.

What Is an About Us Page?

A well done About Us page isn't just where you share your story, it's where you tell your prospects what you do for them, how you work to exceed their needs, and create a connection that motivates them to contact you. It starts with who we are, why we started, what we look like and what we can do for you.  

The structure of the About Us page varies by firm size and organization but the key components are:

  • Your target audience and what you do for them
  • Your brand story and history including how you got started
  • Vision for the accounting firm
  • What you believe in and how that drives your values
  • Mini bios of you and your team
  • Inject some fun facts or humor (be different)
  • Relevant experience on why you are qualified

On most small business websites, the About Us page is the second most important page.

Here are examples of well-constructed About Us pages:

CPA Firm in St Louis

Farmer & Associates

Tax Attorney

Kim & Rosado LLP

Multi-Partner CPA Firm

Puckett, Clement and Schellenberg, P.C. (“PCS”)

Entertainment and Film CPA

Wachsler CPA

Cannabis CPA - Dope CFO


CPA Advisors to the 1%

Meilinger CPA

CPA Advisory 

Aarth Inc

Employee Plan Benefit Plans

Anne McCaleb, CPA

Hugh Duffy