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Judgement Free Tax Services for OnlyFans Content Creators

Judgement Free Tax Services for OnlyFans Content Creators


by Hugh Duffy

Judgement Free Tax Services for OnlyFans Content Creators

For those of you who do not understand the raging success of OnlyFans and potential for you to acquire high net income tax clients who are virtual, let me put some meat on the bone for you.

Personally, I do not spend a nickel on porn of any kind and remain shocked by the numbers but the sheer growth, potential and opportunity is attractive if you take off your blinders. Here is a quasi tutorial on why you should reconsider the opportunity to provide tax and accounting services for OnlyFans Content Creators and Adult Entertainers.

OnlyFans is a content subscription service founded in London. OnlyFans is a subscription service for content creators (adult models) to provide video footage behind a secure paywall. Today, OnlyFans has more than 210 million registered users and more than 2.1 million content creators. The business is global in scope and extremely lucrative for OnlyFans (subscription provider) and top creative talent while providing a safe environment. So far, OnlyFans has paid out over $5 billion to content creators and is growing rapidly.

Number of OnlyFans Users

  • January 2020 - 12 million
  • February 2021 - 120 million
  • January 2023 - 190 million
  • June 2023 - 210 million

OnlyFans is acquiring approximately 500,000+ new users per day and their market is global in scope, and very scalable.

The OnlyFans business model is very simple. They provide a secure platform and take 20%. The more that a content creator model charges, the more they make. When you think of the commission for real estate (5-6%), Uber and AirBNB, then you realize how lucrative this really is. Revenue has grown at a CAGR of 174%.

OnlyFans content creators (models) are able to establish their own subscription fees and what type of content is provided.

Demographically, 87% of the OnlyFans subscribers are male. And typically, the subscribers are young (aged 18-44).

What's In It for Tax Professionals - Adult Entertainer Tax Services

By all means, most tax professionals are leery about the downside risk (losing existing clients) so this is normally a clandestine online effort (stand alone niche website) which BYF can provide. If you want to go for the gusto and be totally transparent, then we'd recommend a niche website supported by a blog.

Essentially, OnlyFans content providers are virtual clients who want judgment-free tax services, avoid any publicity (avoid stigma), and need expert tax and financial advice. Like a professional athlete, they realize this window of opportunity is brief and they need to save for that rainy day.

Call us at 888-999-9800 x1 if you are considering this niche and how we can help you.

If you need to see examples of our adult entertainer niche websites, click the examples below.

CPA Tax Professional for OnlyFans Content Creators, Porn Models and Adult Entertainers

Tax Accountant for OnlyFans and Sex Workers

While today's post is on April 1st, this niche is clearly no joke.

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