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Last Minute Tax Legislation - Impact on Dental and Medical Practices


by Hugh Duffy


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With the newest tax legislation, many dental and medical practices feel like they are being pulled into quicksand. That's right, this year's tax legislation has created a quagmire of uncertainty for professional service firms who need extra guidance to identify the loop holes created by last minute legislation. We all know that last minute legislation is like swiss cheese.

Rather than continuing to work with a local CPA, many oral surgeons, orthodontists, pediatric dental practices and dental specialists are searching for a higher level of expertise. For example, many dental specialists are searching for dental CPA firms that have located tax savings opportunities specific to dental practices.

For savvy dental practice owners that realize the tax saving opportunities, this presents an opportunity to make a more informed business decision in uncertain times. Many dental practice owners and newer dentists with high levels of dental school loans are reaching out to the Dental Accounting Association to locate a dental CPA nearby.

The Dental Accounting Association is a network of leading CPA Firms focused on providing best in class advice and expertise to the dental industry and medical professionals.

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