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Marketing in a Bilingual Society


by Hugh Duffy


Bilingual WebsiteTo broaden the appeal of your accounting practice, have you considered proactively communicating that your firm speaks multiple languages? Or is a well kept secret?

With the power of the internet, building a bridge to multiple communities can be an effective marketing tactic to pull in a large and emerging market that may be under-served in your local community.

To walk both sides of the aisle, here is a CPA Firm in Orlando FL that is proactively marketing it's firm to English and Spanish speaking business owners. If large utilities can become multi-lingual, isn't time for you to consider embracing the broader community and making this a marketing point of difference. In other words, take a lesson from Donald Trump's campaign and embrace this audience into your practice.

You might be surprised how much opportunity exists out there for your practice by removing the blinders.

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Hugh Duffy, BYF CEO and Co-Founder

Hugh is the consummate marketing coach for accountants and takes pride in the impact that it has on their practice, and lives. Hugh has more than thirty years of marketing experience. Since 2003, he has been teaching accountants on how to improve their marketing and make more money from their accounting practice.