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Outsourced Marketing and CPA Practice Improvement Case Study: Mark Orlando

Outsourced Marketing and CPA Practice Improvement Case Study: Mark Orlando


by Hugh Duffy

Outsourced Marketing and CPA Practice Improvement Case Study: Mark Orlando

Below is a link to an interesting article that was published on CPA Trendlines about a young accountant who overhauled his CPA Practice in San Diego, California over the past four years.

I have had the opportunity to work with Mark for nearly four years now. The CPA Trendlines article titled Got a Niche? You Need a Niche highlights how he decided upon his niche and the evolutionary process for growing his practice. However, I'd like to share some additional insight into how far Mark has come with the practice. It truly has been a pleasure working with Mark and see his practice evolve.

As background, Mark's initial practice was on the ropes. He made a practice acquisition to get started and he was under-financed, to put it mildly. The practice that he acquired was a handholding practice consisting of traditional write-up, payroll and 1040s. Shortly after buying the practice using a loan, the attrition rate was dramatically higher than anticipated but the debt financing was fixed. Mark did not know how to use marketing for lead generation or how to close business so he attended Build Your Firm's Accounting Marketing Program to gain an understanding and practically begged to enter the Outsourced Marketing Program, which he could not afford. He was turned down for the Outsourced Marketing Program due to financing concerns but refused to accept no for an answer and was tenacious about requesting Build Your Firm's help and get into the program.

Mark's practice has grown four fold and his profit margins have more than doubled in four years. Had he been adequately financed to invest into marketing, his practice would be at least $200k larger than it is today. Regardless, he now operates as an effective rain maker for the practice, oversees the practice as a business owner and does not work process the work. His hours are manageable and he is enrolled to acquire another degree, totally separate from accounting.

Learn more about how this accountant in San Diego went about growing his accounting practice.

Go To: Article on CPA Trendlines

To effectively market his practice on the internet, Mark now has a base website for his overall practice, a niche website to attract doctors and dentists, and a QuickBooks accounting website.

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