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Social Media for Accountants - Why it Matters to Your Firm's Success

Social Media for Accountants - Why it Matters to Your Firm's Success


by Karen Gardner

Social Media for Accountants - Why it Matters to Your Firm's Success

Using social media to promote your accounting or CPA firm is like kicking your business profile into high gear. When properly executed, a social media marketing plan can boost your online presence, connect you with your target audience, and establish you as an expert in your field.

Welcome to The New Age

Establishing or upgrading your social media presence is more essential than ever. The events of 2020 forced massive shifts in human behavior, accelerating an unprecedented spike in digital channel usage, catapulting digital engagement platforms to the top of the marketing food chain. Even those individuals who once resisted digital interactions have warmed up to online engagements.

There is no denying the undeniable. Social media has emerged at the forefront of the digital engagement frenzy. The United States tops the charts with one of the highest social network penetration rates in the world. According to a recent Statista study, over 70 percent of the adult U.S. population holds at least one social media profile.

How you connect and interact in the online world is pivotal to your firm's reputation and overall success.

Bottom line - it's high time to beef up your online profile.

B2B Audience Builder

With its prolific growth, it's no wonder why 78 percent of small businesses leverage social media to attract new clients. And if you think this doesn't apply to B2B professional services, consider these statistics - 84 percent of business executives use social media to help make purchasing decisions, and 65% of B2B companies have acquired a customer through LinkedIn.

When searching for professional services, such as accounting and tax services, potential clients are increasingly tapping social media as a relevant research tool. Company profile pages are the perfect place to "check under the hood". Potential clients are flocking to Facebook and LinkedIn company pages for additional insights on your accounting firm - here they can scan your services, peruse your posts, and read your reviews.

Think of your social media profile as an extension of your business persona - an inside look at your company culture, customer experience, and depth of services. Use your social media to tell your company story, promote what's unique about your firm, and expand engagement with potential and exiting clients.

Leverage the Power of Social Media

When leveraged correctly, social media is a value-added, effective medium for marketing your firm, solidifying your brand, and building trusting relationships with existing and prospective clients. The secret to effectively doing this is implementing a consistent plan of sharing relevant content that your audience needs. See additional insights by registering for our Content Marketing for Accountants webinar. Discover how social media marketing drives high-quality leads, 5 key elements to a successful content marketing program, and the pros and cons of DIY vs. outsourcing social media marketing.

If you would like Build Your firm to help manage your Social Media strategy, check out our Content Marketing in a Box services, or contact us at 888-999-9800, ext. 1, or email us at

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Karen Gardner, BYF Content Marketing Strategist

Karen is a online marketing professional with strong skills in SEO, project management, and digital marketing strategies. She runs the Content Marketing in a Box program at Build Your Firm, helping our clients use digital media to grow their online presence and obtain more leads from the internet.