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Spoiler Alert - Are Your Accounting Leads Rotting Away in Spam?

Spoiler Alert - Are Your Accounting Leads Rotting Away in Spam?


by Hugh Duffy


We see it happen all the time. Accountants and CPAs spend hard-earned marketing dollars generating fresh, viable leads, only to have them die a slow, painful death and eventually wither away in a dark, dank, unattended spam folder.

And if by chance you do happen to find a lost lead weeks, maybe months later, it’s like finding a stale, rotten, shriveled-up baby carrot in the back corner of the vegetable bin. It’s wasted, and there’s a slim chance of resurrecting it’s vitality.

Think about it. You’ve invested money in a shiny new website chock-full of lead-generating bells and whistles. What’s the point of savvy SEO, killer content, and contact forms, if your precious leads never make it to the safety of your inbox? Set up a safe strategy for saving your accounting leads from spam.

Rescue and Recover

For accountants, response time has a big impact on the likelihood of landing a new client. To ensure your leads are not banished to the junk mail junkyard, here are a few best practices to follow:

Scan Your Spam

Before you start scratching your head wondering where everybody went, it’s time to start regularly checking your junk mail for lost leads. Set a recurring calendar event with an alert to remind you to scan through your spam folder on a regular schedule.

Add Safe Senders

If you happen to find a legitimate lead marked as spam, immediately “whitelist” the sender’s email address. Whitelisting simply means adding an email to your approved senders list. This can mean the difference between a future lead languishing away in spam abyss or becoming your next top client.


If you’ve rescued a lead from spam within a few hours, or even a few days, it may not be too late to strike up an engagement. Most people understand the pain of spam issues, so they may be receptive to your sincere email apology.

The sad truth - as sophisticated as spam filters are, they still suck up a few legitimate emails. Protect your lead lifeline and safeguard sales against spam.

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Hugh Duffy