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Why Google Business Matters for Accountants

Why Google Business Matters for Accountants


by Hugh Duffy

Why Google Business Matters for Accountants

If you want to generate more leads from the internet and aggressively grow your accounting practice, I highly recommend you sign up for Google Business. Plain and simple.

Yes, I sat on the sidelines hoping this social platform would fail because I did not want another social media tool. While I am an advocate of LinkedIn for professional marketing and business-to-business communication, I did not want to succumb to Google's pressure to join. In other words, if you want top placement in Google, you have to sign up for Google Business.

Claiming your business on local search sites directly improves your website's SEO as your physical address is tied to your website. Additionally, search engines know a lot about their searchers (including where they are when they search.) Because of this, they try to serve their searchers local, relevant businesses. Claiming your local listing can secure your place in these local listing results (called the "Local Pack").

Higher Search Engine Placement – Like any other business, Google gives credit to people who embrace more of their tools and products. Or said another way, they give preferential treatment in Google Places and organic search engine listings to businesses that have Google+ accounts. And higher placement in Google Places combined with higher organic Google placement means more traffic to your websites.

Online Reviews – If you want reviews for your business in Google, you must have a Google+ account. Online reviews are becoming a key ingredient for managing your local reputation. Google is making a huge financial investment in online reviews with the purchase of Zagat and Frommers. Yes, they tried to purchase Yelp a couple of times.

Google Authorship – If you want to have your listing stand out on Google's search engine results pages, then Google Authorship will place your picture next to the results. Below are some examples of how Authorship can help you generate higher click-through rates and add a personal connection.

If you haven't done so already, sign up for Google+ and organize your contacts into circles, as Google calls them. Yes, you can organize your contacts (clients, friends, professional peers, family, etc.).

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