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Why Online Reviews are SO Important

Why Online Reviews are SO Important


by Hugh Duffy


Online ReviewsObtaining more online reviews in Google, Yelp and right now is important because:

1.) Establishes Your Trustworthiness 2.) Google likes it and will raise your website placement (higher SEO) 3.) Reviews are more positive than what you can say about yourself

If customers take the time to write a review about your firm, then it means you are doing something right. Prospects are searching for firms like yours and want to avoid a bad experience. Help them find you and hire you.

Google has about 75% market share and can refer new business to you. Positive reviews give Google the confidence to recommend prospects to you. Google's algorithm is trying to refer the best providers in each local area. And while it's just a computer code, they are looking at the number of online reviews, star rating and how frequent the reviews are. Yes, new reviews in January 2015 matter more than reviews that are six months or older.

Client reviews are more convincing than what you say about yourself. While we all hate to brag, the reality is that your clients are not afraid to brag about how good you are. Let your clients sing your praises. They will if YOU ask....

New reviews matter. People look at the dates of the online reviews so you need to refresh them now we are in 2015. Also, Google looks at dates too...

If you need more meat on the bone, below are a couple more articles on the topic:

While tax season has not started in earnest yet, now is the best time to get more reviews posted online.

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