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Why Yelp Is Becoming More Important for Web Marketing

Why Yelp Is Becoming More Important for Web Marketing


by Hugh Duffy


Google has just launched a new twist to their local search algorithm which will make Yelp much more important for lead generation and traffic from search engine results pages. Within the SEO world, this new algorithm is called Pigeon.

Essentially, Yelp is prominent within Yahoo and Bing but will now become prominent within Google, again. As background, there has been a rift between Google and Yelp for several years. The rift stems from Google's efforts to purchase Yelp, which were twice rebuffed, and some complaints by Yelp about fair treatment within Google's search results. Anyway, it appears that Google's algorithm adjustments have addressed the concerns of Yelp and will soon become more prominent within Google's local search engine.

For accountants that want more website traffic and leads from the internet, this means that Yelp takes on a larger role in marketing and you need to quit rationalizing that Yelp is only for hospitality related businesses. The steps are:

1.) Set up a business account with Yelp by completing their profile completing, pictures and all. There is a validation process which must be done. And, it's free.

2.) Obtain reviews in Yelp, which I must confess is more challenging. Make your clients aware that you have a listing with Yelp and gladly welcome reviews.

3.) Set up a personal Yelp account. Post some reviews about your favorite restaurants. Then, review some of your favorite clients in Yelp.

If Yelp is taking a more prominent role in Google, Yahoo and Bing, it needs to become a bigger component of your marketing efforts too.

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