Bookgel The ultra-fast closing & value-pricing tool for accountants

Be a polished closer & instantly nail the right fee with Bookgel.

Selling and Pricing System for Accountants

Be a complete accounting firm by adding Bookgel:

  • 1) Build Your Firm (provides a strong presence for lead generation)
  • 2) Bookgel (automates closing those leads)
  • 3) BizPayO (gets you paid)

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Pricing Process for Accountants, Enrolled Agents

What is Bookgel?

No more underpricing or stressful fee calculations. Using AI technology, Bookgel, a cloud-based application, works in real-time and guides accountants and CPAs through a structured process to secure new business and reprice existing clients.

Bookgel produces an optimal fee via a proprietary algorithm, prompts accountants to ask the precise client questions, inspires how to close and upsell (including what to say and when) and finally, sends the engagement letter for e-acceptance and cash flow.

The Bookgel cloud application is easy to use, sets-up in minutes and can be used to close and price new prospects and existing clients.

No underpricing. No guesswork. No hassle. 100% ROI money-back guarantee.

Who Bookgel is for:

Selling Skills for Accountants – Tax Professionals
  • If most of your clients are hourly or yearly and you want an easy way to convert them to more predictable recurring subscription revenue
  • Sales is not your core strength and you want a proven process to close prospects and upsell existing clients without being "salesy"
  • You find yourself becoming more overworked and underpaid
  • You do not have an effective strategy to communicate your value over price
  • It takes you days instead of minutes to close a new client
  • Firms that know they save their clients money and are happy to express this.
  • Firms that view their clients as subscribers to their services, vs commodity pricing
  • Firms that are unsure if they are underpricing or are unsure what the right pricing should be.
  • Firms that want to increase the fees for existing clients who are underpriced
  • Firms who are comfortable with using Zoom or screenshare to make a strong impression
  • You want to use value-based pricing techniques but don't want to spend months learning

Benefits of Using Bookgel

Selling System for Bookkeepers
  • Implement value-based pricing in minutes not weeks or months
  • Works real-time with your prospect right over Zoom or any remote tool
  • Show clients how much you will save them before showing your price
  • Go from less predictable hourly or one-time fees to a subscription model
  • Never forget the right questions to ask
  • Turn any service into a monthly recurring subscription
  • Give your clients a choice without resorting to discounts
  • Send engagement and get paid with the click of a button
  • Increase your firm's value with more recurring contracts
  • No need to be a "salesperson" - sell naturally
  • 100% cloud-based web app with bank-level encryption
  • Nothing to install, works within minutes, no training required
  • Make your first impression count
  • 100% ROI money-back guarantee
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