Accounting Marketing Program Learn How to Build Your Practice

Build Your Firm’s Accounting Marketing Program provides you with a complete system to grow your practice the right way. This system focuses on reliable lead generation using inbound marketing, pricing and selling.

Learn How to Build Your Accounting Practice

  • Accounting Marketing Program

  • Get the Best Reputation in Town

With Build Your Firm's Outsourced Marketing Program, we will teach you key methods for closing and pricing business, essential practice management techniques, how to retain clients longer, and will help you develop or expand a niche for your practice. We also deliver one on one customized training to assure you are ready to hit the ground running and close new business when the leads begin to stream in. We evaluate your specific practice, geography and growth industries in your area to ensure that you are growing properly.

Program Highlights

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  • Excellent Lead Generation

    Lifelong System for
    Lead Generation

    The Accounting Marketing Program is designed for accounting firms who want a life-long practice development system that delivers an ongoing flow of clients. It's an educational program that delivers a modern system for reliable lead generation, pricing and selling.

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  • One-on-One Training

    Acquire Clients at Higher
    Hourly Fees

    Our system teaches accountants how to use a value pricing methodology that significantly increases hourly realization, how to close clients with less effort, and how to sell on a consultative basis. In effect, all the things we were not taught in accounting school.

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  • Customized 3-Year Partnership

    Inbound Marketing
    Not Cold Calling

    This program will teach you how to generate higher quality leads using inbound marketing techniques. We recommend against cold call telemarketing and hiring a sales representative. We fundamentally believe that the accountant is the best person to sell their accounting services.

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What You'll Learn

Our marketing system will teach you how to generate higher quality leads using inbound marketing, client selection, and pricing techniques.

  • Market Your Services - Using an inbound marketing system, learn to market your services while avoiding "cold call" telemarketing.
  • Realize Higher Fees - With this program, you can earn higher pricing from your clients between $200 and $300 an hour.
  • Overcome Objections - Learn how to overcome common objections when you meet with prospects.
  • Diversified Marketing - Learn how to grow your firm using internet marketing, social media, direct mail, blogging and email newsletters.
  • Close New Clients Easier - Learn how to better communicate the value of your accounting services so that you are able to close new clients using less effort.
  • Easily Justify Your Fees - Learn how to justify your accounting fees - even to QuickBooks™ users.
  • Increase the Value of your firm - With our guidance you will have the power to increase the value of your firm so it can operate at higher profit margins and sell for a higher multiple in the future (higher than 1.3 times gross fees).

What it Includes

Our new Accounting Marketing Program is delivered right to your computer via streaming video-on-demand. Once you order your online self-study marketing program you will receive the following:

  • Access to videos
  • Documents to download
  • Complete Library of forms
  • Toll-Free Support to Assist you with questions or elements of the program


For just $1,899 your accounting firm can be on the way to accounting marketing success.

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You may opt to pay the full amount of $1,899 at the time of purchase or pay over time with our convenient payment plan (3 payments of $652 each). Supporting program materials will be available for download immediately upon purchase.

What Our Clients Are Saying

  • John Siebert Review

    "I was skeptical of the claims BYF makes about how quickly you can grow your practice. After working with Hugh and Alan for a year, my only regret is that I didn't start sooner. We easily doubled our billings in the first 12 months."

    John Siebert
    Siebert & Reynolds CPAs

  • Deborah Weir Review

    "One of the main things I have gained from my experience with (the program) is confidence in your business model, which gives me confidence in attracting new clients."

    Deborah Weir
    Deborah M. Weir, CPA, LLC

  • Doug McDougal Review

    "The Accounting Marketing Program was great. I picked up a lot on how to identify targets and make the initial approach. The course also gave me confidence to talk to the owners of the businesses that I frequent."

    Doug McDougal
    Douglas R. McDougal, CPA, PC


This program is taught by the founders of Build Your Firm: CPA Allan Ratafia, who uses the system to operate his own accounting practice, and Hugh Duffy, who has over thirty years of marketing experience.

Allan Ratafia headshot

Allan Ratafia, CPA

Co-Founder of Build Your Firm, Inc.

Allan left Price-Waterhouse in 1993 to form his own accounting firm, Ratafia & Co. CPAs, PC. Today, Allan's practice has over 600 accounting and tax clients and operates with a lean staff. Today, the inflow of new clients is very healthy and has forced Allan to turn away clients that do not fit a specific profile...

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Contact Allan

Phone: 1-888-999-9800 x0

Hugh Duffy headshot

Hugh Duffy, MBA

Co-Founder of Build Your Firm, Inc.

Hugh has more than 20 years of marketing experience working in the consumer packaged goods, internet media, publishing, and professional services industries. Prior to joining Build Your Firm, he was the Vice President of Internet Marketing for Business and Legal Reports (BLR), a publisher of state/federal laws for employers...

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Phone: 1-888-999-9800 x151

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