Luke Gheen, CPA


Outsourced Marketing Client Since 2011

"The best business decision I ever made was to partner with BYF."

Lukes's Results

Luke's Story

In 2010, Luke Gheen signed up for Build Your Firm's Accounting Marketing Program to learn how to develop his own accounting practice from scratch. At the time, Luke was working as a controller and had an MBA degree. He did not have his CPA certification and had not worked in public practice.

His largest concern was whether he could close small business prospects recognizing that he looked so young, and had no prior sales experience. The second question was about whether he should sit for the CPA certification prior to opening up his own practice, which BYF recommended he should.

$2M+ In New Business

After nine years of working with BYF, Luke has closed over $2 million in new business. All of his growth has been organic (no practice acquisitions) and he leverages technology to operate efficiently. His practice has always been paperless and they process clients virtually. His quality of life is excellent so he can take extended vacations and be active in his kids' lives. Based on the success of his accounting practice, Luke acquired a commercial building and renovated it when the real estate market was soft. He has since sold it at a substantial profit.

Today, Gheen & Company has two extremely lucrative niches that enable him to command attractive fees. He operates the practice as a business and has a strong team in place to manage the practice day-to-day. In his opinion, Luke has said repeatedly that "the best business decision I ever made was to partner with BYF in the Outsourced Marketing Program."

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