Google Pay Per Click Advertising for Accountants Get More Leads Faster With PPC

Pay-per-click advertising for accountants can put your firm at the top of the first page on Google. Google ads are the fastest way to get maximum visibility in online searches to generate leads for your accounting firm.

PPC Advertising for Accountants and CPAs

Build Your Firm will help you get the most out of your Google pay-per-click campaigns. PPC ads display towards the top of the search results pages. Top placement on Google gets you more clicks, driving new customers to your website. The ads are specially written to target the right types of clients for your accounting firm so you get high quality leads and make every click count.

Why Google Ads? They provide the quickest results. PPC advertising enables accountants to secure top placement faster than organic search engine optimization. Typically, PPC campaigns will be up and running in 2-3 days, while organic search engine optimization can take several months or longer depending on the size of your market.

Google advertising is only offered with accounting websites hosted by Build Your Firm. The costs include an additional monthly fee plus click fees. Call 888-999-9800 ext. 11 and speak with a member of our sales team for a quote.

CPA advertising on Google Ads

How Google Ads Work

Google Ads PPC advertising provides premium placement towards the top of search engine results pages (SERPS) for targeted keywords in your local geographic market. These targeted keywords are what prospects type into search engines when searching for local accounting firms. Google advertising includes:

  • Keyword list research and development
  • Precise geographic targeting
  • 90-day post launch optimization

Google Ads Retargeting Advertising (Optional)

Retargeting is online display advertising that keeps your brand in front of people AFTER they visit your website. This strategy seeks to bring prospects back to your website again, recognizing that they may not engage on their first visit to your website.

Google retargeting ads for cpa accountants

Retargeting advertising is effective because it keeps your brand name in front of prospects who are shopping for accounting services, and brings “window shoppers” back when they are ready to engage. Retargeting advertising is only available for BYF clients running an active Pay-Per-Click campaign (additional monthly fee plus click fees).

Google Ads Partner

Build Your Firm is an official Google Partner, which means we meet rigorous requirements and demonstrate a high level of knowledge, skill and expertise in managing Google Ads. Our Google Ads certified staff continuously receives training, support, and insights that keep their skills sharp and help drive the success of our clients.

Build Your Firm has provided PPC campaign management services to accountants for over ten years, long before all of the other accounting website providers. Our keyword research, ad copy testing, and keeping close tabs on constant changes to Google's ad platform, result in a higher ROI, and save you tons of time and aggravation. Best of all, we deliver best-in-class service at a fraction of the price of other internet marketing companies.