Victor Delerme, CPA


Outsourced Marketing Client Since 2015

"I should have done this program earlier. BYF delivers."

Victor's Results

Victor's Story

Victor Delerme is a CPA licensed to practice in Georgia and Puerto Rico. In 2008, he started his own CPA practice after working for KPMG and a regional CPA Firm in Atlanta. In 2009, Victor signed up for Build Your Firm's Accounting Marketing Program. At the time, his practice was generating $30K in sales. Victor implemented BYF's marketing system and steadily grew the practice. In 2013, Victor considered selling his accounting practice to pursue a business outside of the accounting industry. During this period, he contacted BYF about selling the practice and nearly sold to another BYF client at the time. Fortunately for Victor, the practice sale and business opportunity both fell through.

After growing the practice to $350K, in 2015, Victor expressed interest in BYF's Outsourced Marketing Program. His goal was to ramp up the sales growth and get the practice beyond $500K, develop a practice that operated like a business, and acquire a better sales system for acquiring new clients. BYF accepted the challenge and agreed to work with Victor.

$1M+ In New Business

Over the past five years within BYF's Outsourced Marketing Program, Victor's practice has grown by over $1 million in revenues and he now owns his own commercial office building. His annual sales growth has gone from $50K per year to $200K per year. All of this growth is organic (no practice acquisitions) leveraging the inbound marketing that BYF performs on his behalf.

In addition to the growth, Victor's practice operates at profit margins twenty (20) points above the accounting industry average. Victor is now inspired to acquire another $1M in sales partnering with Build Your Firm again.

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