Outsourced Marketing Program

Do You Struggle with Marketing?

Coaching & Education

Insights: CPA in Florida

Mark Sizemore, CPA describes his experience since joining the program.

Insights: CPA in Georgia

Hear Lee Pennington, CPA explain what it's like being in the OMP.

Insights: CPA Participants

Why our clients say this program is the key to success.

Insights: CPA in California

Bassim Michael, CPA has worked with Build Your Firm for over 11 years.

Niche Marketing

Learn about the niche accounting component of the OMP.

Outsourced Vs. DIY Marketing

Co-Founder Hugh Duffy explains the benefits of the different types of marketing.

Why Build Instead of Buy

The pros and cons of buying vs. building a practice.

Insights: CPA in North Carolina

Bob Gomez, CPA talks about the program.

Build Vs. Buy?

Outsourced Marketing

See the Full-Length presentation.

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Program Highlights

The Outsourced Marketing Program provides ongoing coaching and outsourced marketing and lead generation for accounting firms that do not want to manage marketing in house. We work with you to customize a program that suits your practice and your local market characteristics, allowing you to acquire new business less expensively than buying a practice, while growing at a steady, controlled pace.

Lead Generation

We will build a customized marketing program to create a steady flow of leads based on your local marketing characteristics and accounting skills to ensure you have an optimum accounting practice.

One-on-One Training

This program provides training and coaching on practice management so you can focus on improving profit margins and selling/closing so you can prove your value.

Customized Three-Year Partnership

You will receive extensive one on one training from our President, Allan Ratafia, CPA on critical matters so you can close new business and manage it effectively. Many people tell us that the training was critical to their long term success.