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1-on-1 Coaching

1-on-1 Coaching: Art of Closing & Keeping Clients

This coaching program is designed to improve your performance and personal effectiveness when responding to new business inquiries and has been integral to our Outsourced Marketing Program for over ten years.

At A Glance


1-on-1 Coaching

Get personalized, one-on-one coaching and collaboration with Allan Ratafia, CPA and President of Build Your Firm.


Customized For You.

Coaching sessions are customized to your personality and specific circumstances so you can close clients easier and retain them longer.


Designed for Accountants

Coaching is for accountants all phases of their careers, from novices to seasoned veterans. Business coaching and executive coaching is very common, but now it's available for accountants as well.

Over the Phone

Easy to Implement

We use a series of indispensable and easy to implement closing procedures, and then customize them to fit into your specific style so you can routinely close new clients immediately and for the duration of your career.

What You'll Learn

  • How to quickly determine the 3 items a prospect wants to hear from you so they are ready to engage you.
  • The core emotional hotspots that all prospects react to, making them easier to close.
  • How to command higher fees by communicating less information during your close.
  • How to use a specific ordering of closing steps for maximum impact-tailored for your specific needs.
  • What "not" to say during your closing.
  • How "not" to get tricked by your prospect during your closing; thus losing the client.
  • How to put virtually all prospects into the same simple bucket; making the closing process infinitely simpler, while giving you a high degree of confidence.
  • How to quickly communicate the value of your services so the client immediately understands why they need to hire you now.
  • Weed out prospects that won't work.
  • A key balance sheet and P&L checklist method which underscores the importance of closing clients in this system for maximum efficiency and retention.
  • How to quickly identify what is most important when reviewing client's work for maximum client retention.

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"The 1-on-1 Coaching System takes the Build Your Firm program to another level. It makes them live and relatable. I have used the BYF system for several years and have reasonable success but never really understood how to pull together the most salient points in consultations with small business owners. The role playing was the most effective part because it forces you to implement the concepts and you struggle in a non-threatening situation. I highly recommend this coaching system."

Mark Sizemore Florida

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What It Includes

Once you order your self-study program you will receive the following

  • Ten 1-on-1 coaching sessions focusing mostly on improving your performance when meeting with prospective clients.
  • All sessions are conducted remotely using a combination of screen sharing collaboration with GoToMeeting and/or telephone.
  • The initial session acts as a discovery session to explain the coaching program in more detail and learn about your specific circumstances so upcoming sessions can be modified to suit your specific circumstances for maximum impact
  • During the initial discovery session, a schedule for the remaining coaching sessions will be agreed to and then calendared. Each session will be approximately 30 minutes. Some amount of pre-requisite work may be required for certain sessions based on your circumstances.

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For just $3,000 your accounting firm can be on the way to closing and keeping more clients.


You may opt to pay the full amount of $3,000 at the time of purchase or pay overtime with our convenient payment plan. Supporting program materials will be available for download immediately upon purchase.

Combo Deal

The Art of Closing & Keeping Clients ($899) + 1-on-1 Coaching ($3,000) = $3,299, a savings of $600 when you buy both (that’s over 15%)

*Payment plans available


You may cancel for full refund after 1st coaching session

Close one client using this system and the whole program pays back.

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