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Episode 44: Accounting for the Design Industry Niche

Episode 44: Accounting for the Design Industry Niche

Guest Bio

Peter Lang

Peter Lang, CPA is an accountant who specializes in the unique accounting challenges faced by artistic professionals. Designers and other artistic professionals may find that ordinary CPAs are simply unequipped for their needs, but with 16 years of tax and accounting experience under his belt, Peter is a proven expert in helping interior designers do their taxes and all the other financial duties that art school didn’t teach them.
Peter moved to Boston in 2004 to pursue his Master in Taxation degree. It was there that he began working at a large cutthroat accounting firm, where he was written up for the first and only time in his professional life for “helping people too much.” He then moved on to a small firm where he quickly became bored with the life of a traditional CPA and noticed that interior designers were consistently underserved by standard CPAs, so he decided to pursue his dream of running his own firm and settling down with his family and business in Rhode Island.

Memorable quotes from this episode

“Eighty to 90 percent struggle with the finances and they will admit it. They are looking for someone to clarify that stuff and help them understand.”

“Gross margin percentage and then mark-up percentage is very important to them. We are always looking at that together.”

“I use Instagram the most because my clients are so visual and that’s where they are hanging out. It’s been fun to see the reach.”

“When this all started, I just wanted more clients for my accounting firm that are interior designers and now it’s just expanded to more than I ever imagined a year ago.”