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Episode 45: Hospitality Accounting with a Personal Touch

Episode 45: Hospitality Accounting with a Personal Touch

Meet Matt Hetrick, a CPA, founder of Culinary Accountants and owner of several award-winning restaurants in the Washington D.C. area. In this episode of Accounting Marketing Doesn’t Suck, Hugh talks with Matt all about his firm, touching upon how Matt decided to work with restaurants, his vetting process called, ‘The Beer Test,’ the pain points most restaurants face and what’s next on his marketing to-do list. Join us and learn about this dynamic niche and Matt’s virtual firm, which works with nearly 100 restaurants nationwide.

Matthew Hetrick – Guest Bio

Frank Matthew Hetrick, CPA is a highly experienced restaurant CFO and restaurant owner. A Certified Public Accountant by trade, he was named a Top 40 Under 40 CPA in the United States in 2017 by CPA Practice Advisor and owns several award-winning restaurants in the DC Metropolitan Region. Through his restaurant accounting firm, Culinary Accountants, Inc., he provides CFO level services and managerial accounting services to nearly 100 restaurants and hospitality ventures in the major cities of the Eastern United States (including Washington, D.C., Boston, Chicago, New York, and Miami). His operating team includes deeply experienced chefs, service managers, and marketing and sales managers.

Memorable Quotes from the Episode

“For a lot of people, especially accountants, there is a value to temporal flexibility that is wide.”

“If you work from home and that is what you need, I can do that for you. I can lean into that. We can allow you to take care of your family as a priority. And in exchange, I can recruit people around the country at price points that make sense for the restaurant industry.”

“The major pain point for restaurants is cash flow management. We are really adept at helping people go through those cycles.”

“How you step back and see the forest through the trees is a difficult challenge. That’s one of the things we try to get them to do. It’s very small decisions that lead to very material changes in the bottom line.”

“We have turned a number of people down over the last few years where it just didn’t feel right. I don’t want to work with people who bring negativity into my life or my staff’s.”

“For us, it’s all about relationships more than anything else.”