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Episode 47: Relationship building in the Veterinary Niche

Episode 47: Relationship building in the Veterinary Niche

Have you given yourself permission to create the accounting firm you want, in the way you want to do it? In this episode, host Hugh Duffy talks with Jimmy Bell, founder of JF Bell Group in Idaho Falls, Idaho about how he allowed himself to break tradition from the accountants around him and build a fulfilling, successful veterinarian niche practice. Learn how Jimmy went from a generalist to discovering his niche, why he’s dedicated to education and learning and the major pain points vets are facing today (there are several!). Join us!

Guest Bio

Jimmy Bell, founder of JF Bell Group
Jim is a partner in JF Bell Group as well as a co-founder of the consulting group Solutions By DVMCPA. Ever the anti-traditionalist, Jim started his own accounting firm after college and became the first person in the state of Idaho to earn his license working exclusively for himself. Over his 40-year career, he established expertise in real-time technology solutions to help veterinarians simplify operations, improve profitability, and liberate them from their day-to-day burdens. He is a member of VetPartners, a nonprofit association of veterinary business specialists as well as sits on the Finance, Investment, & Audit Committee of the ACVIM. Jim is also a board member and the current treasurer of the Idaho State Board of Accountancy. Jim regularly attends national veterinary conferences like the Western Veterinary Conference and Fetch produced by dvm360.

Memorable Quotes

“I realized I had several veterinarian clients and I liked them. I liked what they did. They were compassionate about their industry. It wasn’t necessarily about the money. They did it because they liked it and they served a need in the country. Those were the people I really enjoyed being around.”

“I often get frustrated with myself that I didn’t have the courage to give myself permission to do it sooner.”

“The thing that excites me about what we do is again, understanding that we move from a strictly compliance-based practice to one of helping people.”

“Veterinarians are in a relationship business. By dealing with smaller industries, we are able to hold true to what we really enjoy and that allows us to excel the best.”

“The most serious thing affecting veterinary medicine right now is compassion fatigue. Burnout. Mental stress. Not being able to give the right care. The doctors are on an emotional rollercoaster.”