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Episode 51: Why Content Matters for Your Firm

Episode 51: Why Content Matters for Your Firm

Why is publishing valuable, relevant content important to your firm’s brand reach and growth? In this episode of Accounting Marketing Doesn’t Suck, host Hugh Duffy talks with Brian Swanson of FlashPoint Marketing about why content matters, how your website should work for you today (hint, it’s a lead and new opportunity generator) and why most accounting firms tend to be peer-driven, rather than innovative, when it comes to marketing. Tune in to hear Brian’s perspective on what Google wants for content, the power of video, how geofencing works and more! Join us!

Guest Bio

Brian Swanson
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Brian Swanson is the Chief SEO Strategist at FlashPoint Marketing, a digital marketing agency that provides search engine marketing and search engines optimization services. He joined the company in 2008 to manage the company’s SEO and digital marketing programs. He has over 18 years of experience in creating, optimizing and implementing SEO programs for service-based companies.
Through his passion for all things SEO, SEM, and Google he has a deep understanding of how to analyze, modify and drive success to digital programs. He also values opportunities to empower clients by educating them on the best practices, latest trends and helping them develop an “SEO” mind.
Brian obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree from Northeastern Illinois University and has a Master of Business Administration in Finance from Benedictine University. He is a national speaker on Search Engine Optimization, content marketing, and Local SEO. He is a member of the American Marketing Association, Association of Accounting Marketing and involved in several local organizations.

Memorable Quotes

“The function of a website is to really generate opportunities.”

“I can name a half dozen to a dozen clients who are generating thousands of dollars through their website.”

“I describe myself as your firm’s SEO geek.”

“I still think most time spent on a site is done on a desktop browser. I don’t think we’re as mobile as the commercials want us to believe, at least in the accounting space.”

“You could have the best blog posts in the world but if nobody sees it or can find it then how are they going to consume that content?”

“We’re starting to see a greater migration over to video.”

“You can’t rank for a keyword term if you have no content. You can’t optimize for shoe if there’s no word ‘shoe’ on your website.”

“Geofencing can be very profitable if done correctly.”