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Episode 53: Applying Large Firm Marketing Strategies to Small Firms

Episode 53: Applying Large Firm Marketing Strategies to Small Firms

Guest Bio

Brian Falony, Director of Marketing & Business Development

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Brian Falony is currently Director of Marketing and Business Development for Brady Ware & Company. He has over 25 years experience in accounting marketing. Prior to joining Brady Ware, he led the marketing functions for two of the top 50 CPA firms in the U.S. and has consulted with firms across North America on improving their marketing programs. In 2013, he was inducted into the Association for Accounting Marketing Hall of Fame.

Memorable Quotes

“I enjoy being inside an accounting firm. When you are inside the firm, you actually get to implement the decisions you make and you have to live with the consequences. So that to me is a lot more fun.”

“I was really hired to grow the firm. From an accounting marketing standpoint, that’s got to be the main focus for anybody who’s marketing a CPA firm.”

“Uniqueness is hard to establish in the accounting profession.”

“Here, once a partner brings a client in, that partner is very involved with the client from the time they come ‘til the time they leave the firm. That partner presence helps the client feel important.”

“Digital content and a digital presence is so important in marketing these days.”

“Social media and a web presence needs to be looked at as another way of networking because that’s the way the new owners of business, the millennials, are looking to make decisions.”

“I think most accounting firms need to look at ‘Did we meet our revenue targets for the year?’ That’s got to be one of the ways that they evaluate their marketing department and marketing programs.”

“From my experience, if you are going to be successful as a marketing person within the accounting profession, you’ve got to be a person who has no real ego.”