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Episode 60: AI and Tech Trends in Accounting

Episode 60: AI and Tech Trends in Accounting

Are you a small firm practitioner that needs to get up-to-speed on accounting technology trends? You’re not alone. Join us for this episode as Hugh talks with Ranica Arrowsmith, technology editor for Accounting Today. Tune in to find out the best resources out there to stay on top of what’s happening, why vendor user communities can be a valuable tool for accountants and how AI is impacting the accounting profession already. Join us!

Ranica Arrowsmith

Ranica Arrowsmith, technology editor for Accounting Today, previously covered medical technology for Medical Design Technology, Medical Product Outsourcing and Orthopedic Design & Technology magazines. She holds a bachelor’s degree in English literature and psychology from Fairleigh Dickinson University and a master’s degree in international literature from Montclair State University.

Memorable Quotes

“The way that [technology] is changing the accounting industry for small practitioners is mainly giving you a better quality of life.”

“Technology is not just for technology’s sake, it is there to aid us, to help us.”

“Automation is the solution.”

“Good software providers will always have that listening ear.”

“AI has been around but it’s having a moment because the real effects are being felt now.”

“It’s not about not wanting to change. It’s about you want to change, but you just are a little bit lazy or scared of change. That’s where missing the mark comes in.”

“User communities are so invaluable; I think they are one of the top resources accountants have.”