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Episode 62: In-Depth Look at the Craft Brewery Niche

Episode 62: In-Depth Look at the Craft Brewery Niche

Want to know what’s going on in the craft beer industry globally? You won’t want to miss this episode! Join host Hugh Duffy as he talks with Maria Pearman, principal at Perkins & Co. about her experience traveling the world, gaining insight about the craft beer industry. As author of Small Brewery Finance: Accounting Principles and Planning for the Craft Brewer” Maria provides listeners with inside tips on becoming a leader in this dynamic niche. Tune in to learn how she broke into the market, how her practice has evolved over the years and why meeting face-to-face is still the best way to secure new clients.

Maria Pearman
Perkins & Co. CPA, CGMA, Principal

Maria Pearman is a Certified Public Accountant who provides accounting expertise and a deep operational knowledge to the alcohol beverage industry. She teaches Finance and Accounting for the Craft Brewer, is currently in the University of Vermont’s Business of Craft Beer program, and previously at Portland State University’s Business of Craft Brewing program. Her book, “Small Brewery Finance: Accounting Principles and Planning for the Craft Brewer,” was published by the Brewers Association in 2019.
Maria’s specialties include finance, managerial accounting, budgeting, tax accounting, tax planning and provisions, business strategy, Ekos software, Orchestrated Beer software, VIP, Netsuite, and NAVision software.
She earned her BA from the College of Charleston in her home state of South Carolina. She resides in Portland, OR.

Memorable Quotes

“The business owners were going a whole year without any good insight into their business and performance.”

“When we went to do their tax return, these clients would spend more money getting their books clean then they would on the tax return itself.”

“The American markets are so crowded it’s hard to carve out any space for yourself.”

“As a service provider, you see a lot of information and have a ton of perspective these clients don’t have on their own.”

“If you want to be the leader in a niche you have to level up with the clients you are working with and you need to have a roster to support that assertion. You have to go into more mature companies.”

“For me, seeing the value of a niche happened really fast and naturally.”

“Every time I kept honing in on that niche, it became more easy to sell my services.”

“When you understand the tools the client is using on a daily basis, that is a big differentiator.”

“When your clients are less sophisticated, it’s easier to wow them. The more sophisticated they get, you have to up your game. You have to be better than them to wow them.”

“I want to work with clients who value professional services and who also value data.”

“People are still the core part of the marketing effort.”

“It’s maximizing opportunities – and having the ability to recognize opportunities. CPAs often get tunnel vision and are not necessarily looking at the whole landscape, just at their lane.”

“I love helping clients bring their dream to fruition.”