Accounting Marketing Program Reviews

Jim Adkinson

I did the Accounting Marketing Program and just wanted to follow up. Thus far it has far exceeded my expectations. I opened my firm doors on Monday immediately after attending your program the prior Friday. I can gladly say that I have acquired approximately $17K in new business since then in less than 2 months. I am a likely candidate for a practice management course in the near future as the actual work flow is hampering my prospecting and sales process. Thanks again for the program.

Avo Asdourian

I am glad I found you. I am more confident and picked up a lot of great ideas. When I decided to go on my own it was a journey without guidance. I am great as a Tax adviser but marketing is a new world for me. I am no longer traveling the dark path I have BYF GPS guiding me to a very successful future. Thank you very much and I also would like to compliment on how great your staff has been with the support I received with my website. Thank you, Nita, Robin, Dawn.

David Barnes

The information provided was timely and helpful. The program makes a strong case for CPAs changing from hourly billing to fee-for-service billing and provide concrete examples of how the system can work. They also include useful (documents) which can be adapted and used in any practice.

Kurt Behrenfeld

Well done on every level! As a CPA for the last 30 years, both in public and private practice, this is one of the top courses I've taken in terms of getting substance from start to finish. Give me an ounce of concrete solutions over a pound of fluff any day!

Bob Cane

The accounting marketing program by Build Your Firm was outstanding. The value provided was head and shoulders above other marketing services offered. The fee was worth the investment. Real life experiences in building firms and marketing presented by Allan and Hugh provides a foundation and basis to get your firm off the ground or to grow your existing firm. Taking this program is a must if you are looking to grow.

Rafael Carmona Ea Ctc

BuildYourFirm / Accounting Marketing Program is Eye Opening. This program is giving me an excellent education in what it takes to be successful in marketing my practice. Something that I did not have, and I know lots of accountants that would benefit from it as it is helping me. Thank you.

Scott Cavell

As an accounting firm that has been in business for 5 years, we were looking to create an effective marketing plan to ramp up our growth over the next 2 years. The Build Your Firm Accounting Marketing program provided a clear vision of how to develop and implement a plan that can be easily measured and maintained. I look forward to our growth as a result of implementing the program.

Navjeet Chahal

I have been using BuildYourFirm for their Accountants Marketing, Website Development, and Practice Management. We use them for web marketing and got some quality leads that turned into well paying clients. Recently we implemented their mail campaign and the response was excellent. Just with one mail campaign, I landed couple well paying clients. We also bought their practice management and it helped me structure my firm to realize better profit margins and implement systems that are essential to our success. I highly recommend anyone considering using their services. Whether is marketing, practice management or their outsource marketing, you will be thrilled.

Victor Delerme

I have a new accounting practice and used this program to quickly grow my practice. Both instructors were knowledgeable and informative. I would not change any part of the Program, it was excellent and delivered what was promised. After, BYF has encouraged me to implement the marketing program. I am shocked at the response I am receiving immediately after implementing what BYF recommended and now realize that I should have done this program earlier. BYF really delivers.

Brad Filmanowicz

What I loved about this program was it is a sales and marketing program. The marketing does a great job of landing good quality leads and the sales presentation shows you how to close the prospects. And you do not have to be a great salesperson to follow the system.

Ronald Foudy

I have attended many marketing programs but BYF's has been the best. Their information is excellent and their materials helps put the whole marketing program together. I would recommend this to any CPA wanting to expand their practice.

Mark Goodis

We took the accounting marketing program. We were more than surprised by the clear content and straight forward approach. We started marketing about a month after the course. The results of our efforts were excellent. We surpassed the $40,000 per year benchmark within 4 months.Nita Sabo was very helpful in showing us how to fine tune the program. To sum it up, this program works.

Travis Hickey

I thought the accounting marketing program was well worth the fee. The information received regarding internet marketing including web site design, search engine optimization and pay per click campaigns will be particularly useful. I am just starting my practice and thought the overall system for generating leads, closing sales, and delivering the product will be perfect for me. They bring together a simple and straightforward system that can be easily implemented. Allan and Hugh are also very knowledgeable in their respective areas. I would definitely recommend this program to anyone interested in building an accounting practice.

Gary Johnson

I used the accounting marketing program in 2007 and it put $100,000 net (per year) into my pocket. After refreshing the program years latere, I will now realize an extra $500,000 in my pocket (per year). Guess I should have listened closer the first time around. I highly recommend this program.

Thomas Judge

I have been a customer of Build Your Firm since the summer of 2008. I attended their marketing program and then signed up for their Internet web site. I also purchased their practice management series. They have performed above expectations in all areas we worked together. I consider them a partner in our marketing efforts. They are straight-forward, creative and can be depended on to get things done correctly. I recommend any accounting firm to utilize the services of Build Your Firm.

Toma Keller

For an accountant starting out this is a great basis on how to sell our services in a highly profitable manner. It takes the technical off the table and keeps it in the back office allowing you to sell the services and make a good living while you build and maintain your practice.

Bernard Kiesel

Your accounting marketing program answered my question of how do I complete the service I do with the limited time we work on QuickBooks. The tax planning is the value to sell.

Irene Klepp

The printed materials were well organized and easy to follow. I took many notes to capture the additional insights from Allan, Hugh and Dawn. All of the sections were very helpful especially the topics around evaluating client fit and the client agreements/pricing. I took away several key concepts to help me build my practice. I think those that are CPA firms and can offer tax services have the most to gain from this type of program. I'm a sole proprietor and don't have tax services so my expansion will be built more on higher fees and more in depth engagements versus the volumes associated with bringing clients on board at $200/month. That being said, this program gives owners the confidence and examples to structure managed service plans for accounting while showing clients how profitable this will be for them. Lastly, this program reminds us of how important it is to have marketing tactics all year-round and shows us exactly what to do. Thank you!

John Lynch

You guys are excellent businessmen. You make it clear in the beginning that you are not about tax but building a firm. I think it is a very good program to teach one to build a certain type of business.

Doug Mcdougal

The Accounting Marketing Program was great. I picked up a lot on how to identify targets and make the initial approach. Once in, I am really good at closing the sale. The course also gave me confidence to talk to the owners of the businesses that I frequent. For example, I asked to meet the owner of a restaurant where my wife and I ate lunch today. I know who his CPA is, and I also know that the guy charges way too much for his services. I operate on the premise of not being overbearing, and your program fits my personality. The pricing matrix was good as well. It made a lot of sense on how to work with small businesses to help them as they grow.

Kelley O'neil

I am e-mailing to thank you and Allan for the tools you have given me to be able to land and close clients! I closed 2 clients today using your pricing and closing strategies (from referrals). The 3rd was an inquiry from my new BYF website - and after talking with me today they want to meet in person to sign up for incorporation and on-going tax/bookkeeping. Wow! That was fast! Prior to your marketing and mgt programs I was really at a loss as to how to price my services, as well as, how to sell the services the client really needs. I was floundering around in the closing of potential client meetings. Your concept is so easy to implement ( so far at least). I truly believe your programs are worth every penny!

Herschel Omohundro

I enjoyed the Accounting Marketing Program. It gave me a lot of good ideas. I have been practicing for a long time. My structure is different. Billing quarterly would be a time saver. We do a lot of write-up, payroll, and small business consulting. I want to get more knowledgeable about internet marketing so that I can have a constant flow of new business. It makes sense to work on your business and let your staff be the technicians. Thank you!

Marc Rayner

The Accounting Marketing Program was pretty amazing. You get so much more out of the interaction.  I definitely learned some great points that I hope to put into practice within the next couple of months. I have to move slowly since cash flow is a bit of an issue but the tools are great and points clear on what to do. I highly recommend Build Your Firm’s Accounting Marketing Program to accountants looking to grow their practice.

John Charles Roe

I did the accounting marketing program, and in less than one year I have added $100,000 in annualized billings using the BYF marketing services & products. I recommend BYF services to anyone that is serious about growing their practice. It works!

Orlando Ross

Mr. Allan Ratafia and Mr. Hugh Duffy were outstanding instructors/coaches. For the firm that I am working in, I will be responsible for most of the marketing and targeting business, in which both the owners gave very helpful instructions. We are looking forward to continuing working with the Build Your Firm organization and continually getting positive feedback and guidance from Hugh and Allan. Once again thanks!

John Siebert

Having tried other client acquisition programs, I was skeptical of the claims the BYF makes regarding how quickly you can grow your practice. After working with Hugh and Alan for a year, my only regret is that I didn't start working with them sooner. We easily doubled our billings in the first twelve months of working with BYF.

Deborah Weir

My marketing has been going pretty good, I have to say that one of the main things I have gained from my experience with BYF is confidence in your business model, which gives me confidence in attracting new clients. I am particularly happy to be moving away from hourly billing towards monthly and quarterly billing. Helps smooth out the slow spots!

William Wheeler

This was a great program to get me back on track with my marketing and looking at my practice as a business and not as a job. I am very excited about getting my marketing program running and I know the tools gathered from the BYF system will help me achieve my new busienss goals. I am looking forward to starting this right away.

Dario Zanichelli

I highly recommend this Marketing program if you want to aggressively grow your practice with small businesses.