Premier Website Reviews

Lura Alyea

Rikard & Neal continues to be impressed with the speed and quality of responses with which BYF addresses all of our requests or questions. We are very pleased with the recent website refresh and consider our website (as managed by BYF) to be one of our most valuable marketing tools.

Steven Apa

Stephen O'Brien at Build Your Firm is a first class professional, and was fantastic at building my CPA firm website. I was clearly impressed with his ability to take my raw content and craft that information into a fine presentation and representation of my professional background, skills, and experience to the Charlotte NC market. Thank you Stephen - and to all at BYF - for your commitment to helping those of us who struggle with managing all areas of our business, and have come to realize that we cannot do it all. This will be a long term relationship between us for many years to come.

Ahmad Ashraf

I love my new website and I am very greatful to Steve for being very patient and supporting through the process. He understands that not everyone is familiar with the technology and he very kindly and patiently helped me through the process.

Jon Bell, Albuquerque, Nm

BYF’s Platinum service is great! ePay has helped us shrink A/R and get us paid much faster.  Our clients are impressed with the tool and it is a huge improvement over PayPal, which I used before.  We really like the imbed link tool that Allan created within ePay and use it within emails and QuickBooks to get paid promptly.  I have not used the recurring billing but plan to so payments become more automatic for our practice.  Branding the ePay tool under my firm brand name is excellent and looks professional.  There have been several improvements to this tool which will make reconciliations easier.  Build Your Firm’s Platinum website is excellent and is a large part of our marketing system to grow the practice.  Their customer service team is outstanding.  I highly recommend BYF.

Sher Binesh

James Bowen was very helpful with my tech related question. Robin Nerkowski has also been very helpful to me in the past. Lastly Nita Sabo is always very helpful. All of the above-mentioned staff are truly a pleasure to work with. Thanks for having a great staff.

Lisa Carroll

Creating a website with Build Your Firm is simply a breeze. With their professional and helpful staff, you can achieve a custom looking website without needing to know coding or graphics software. You end up with a professionally designed website with all the right SEO elements to drive traffic to your site which results in higher quality leads. And, it requires less of your time so you can focus on what you do best, running your Accounting practice.

Edward Cooper

Robin did a most excellent job. I wanted to make some changes to an existing website and she did not only that but made smart suggestions keeping SEO in mind. I appreciated it when I suggested doing something that was not really a smart idea, and Robin gave me a better idea - in a superbly tactful way. Thank you Robin and BYF.

Ronnie Darden

Robin and Dawn were very supportive and willing to answer any questions asked. They were very professional and responsive! Great team to work with!

Monica Diaz

Randy was so excellent throughout the process. He provided valuable insight and understood what I liked and implemented that in the website. Thank you so much for my website I love it!!!

Michael Dipede

Something I was originally skeptical about proved to be a smart move. BYF did a wonderful job on my website. They were very helpful and it was very easy. In the first month the site already covered the fees.

William Fraser

Received an email claiming my website was not well formatted for mobile phone users. Thought I would check it myself and found that my sites show up extremely well on my Samsung Galaxy S4. I was quite impressed at the functionality and formatting. Good job guys.

Tracie Gonzenbach

We have a Premier and Niche Website with Build Your Firm. We recently had both sites redesigned by the Website Development Team. They did a remarkable job with both sites! Steve O'Brien was in charge of the job and was quick and responsive in making any changes we requested. We are extremely pleased. Job well done!

Kathy Griebel

Steve O'Brien recently completed an update of our website and did a fantastic job. Work was done quickly and all the changes/features we asked for were provided. What an asset to the team he is!

Frank Haarlander

Using BYF for our website development was one of the best marketing decisions we ever made. BYF has vastly improved our SEO. More importantly, BYF is always there when we need them, whether it be for a website technical issue, a marketing question, or a general marketing question. When we ask a prospect how they found us, it usually is because of an Internet search where we were listed at t he top of the page.

Bob Kilkenny

I consider the folks at BYF a valued partner contributing to the success of my small firm. They played a huge role in helping me get my small, one person firm off the ground. Their web sites are awesome. When I got busy this past tax season I was unable to keep up with some of the BYF marketing suggestions. I basically had my web site and did a few chamber events. My business was still up over 50% from the past year due to the traffic being generated by my BYF site.

Stephanie Kubik

Very impressed with the website and quality. They worked very closely with me to be sure it came out looking and reading the way that fit my business.

Robert Lawrence

Build your firm has been absolutely wonderful with website design and development. They take of all work and are happy to accommodate any changes necessary. They are prompt and friendly and it has been a pleasure working with them.

Mike Manoloff

BYF’s Platinum Website service is great. The Secure File Sharing tool is a huge improvement over portals on the market. Clients get it and find it so easy to use. No problems with ePay. It works seamlessly. Clients pay us much quicker now and don’t need instructions on how to use.

Peter Marchiano, Jr.

"Now that tax season is over, I have reviewed my numbers and was very pleasantly surprised to see that my website earned my over $22,000 in gross revenue in 2013. I picked up eight new business clients and received four referrals from them for a total of 12 new business clients directly related to my website. I also picked up fourteen new individual clients and received four referrals from them. The revenue from the business clients totaled over $18,000 and I also received another $4K from individual tax returns. Not a bad return on a $1,000 investment. I also want to commend you on your outstanding customer service. Although, I don't contact you that often, when I do, Robin and Dawn handle my requests both promptly and courteously. Bottom line: Build Your Firm gets results and I highly recommend them. They are very professional and are just a nice group of people who I enjoy working with."

Oscar Mary

I have asked Robin Nerkowski for a minor change in our website. Time of response have been " 5 minutes", Amazing! That's customer service!

Harold Montgomery

We have had great success with the website. Potential clients are calling. We have closed 80% of them.

Michelle Montgomery

Thank you to Build Your Firm. I now have a dynamic site that highlights my specialties. If I request even a small change, my team is very responsive and willing to serve. After implementing the local search optimization guidelines, my list of prospects increased significantly. Many told me that they were looking for a CPA and "found me on the web". The website really does pay for itself!

Randy Nutt

Thank you BYF for the excellent work on my website. I've received more phone calls than I ever imagined I would and I owe it all to your hard work. My website has maintained a top 2 ranking on page 1 for searches of accountants in my area since the website was published.

Larry O'dell, Winston-salem, Nc

Build Your Firm’s Platinum level service is excellent.  I have been a long standing BYF website client and recently upgraded to Platinum.  I have integrated my practice billing into their ePay payment processing solution and dropped my Intuit merchant account as well as ACH provider.  Consolidating my electronic processing into one integrated system on my website simplified the process for us and it has moved even more clients over to ACH processing, which we prefer over checks and credit cards.     I have had a few tax clients who have fallen behind and the ePay tool helped us get them back to current and empowers the client to make payments directly from my website without me taking a phone call.  Overall, BYF continually improves all aspects of their website service to make my practice more profitable and efficient.

Mark Orlando, San Diego, Ca

I recently upgraded to Platinum and really like the ePay payment processing.  I like the way it works.  It’s simple to track payments and reconcile them to the deposits in our bank account.  I have been using the convenient link creation tool within ePay and added the live link to emailed invoices.  This speeds up payment and helps a lot.  I really like the recurring billing feature in ePay for eCheck and credit cards.  This provides us with more control over when we get paid and eliminates the discussion about fees and when the check will get mailed to us.  Our goal is to get 90% of our clients onto ePay so our cash flow improves even further.  The days of waiting for checks to arrive in the mail are thankfully over.

Sandra Reed

I interviewed several CPA website design firms and reviewed their templates and “live websites” over the course of several weeks before deciding to go with Build Your Firm. About 3 weeks before going with Build Your Firm, I selected the alleged “#1 rated CPA Website Design Firm” and found they were not organized and helpful. They assigned an “onboarding team” to design my website. Early on there was no continuity and no follow-up and they were very slow to respond to my questions. It did not take long before I knew this was not the company I wanted to design my website. What a difference when I called Build Your Firm and talked with Nita. Unlike the other company, Nita provided guidance in signing up for the service and full documentation as to all the terms of the service agreement. The day I signed up, I immediately heard from Steve O’Brien, the consultant assigned to work with me in designing my website. We worked together and Steve addressed and responded to all issues and modifications in a very timely manner so much so that the beautiful website went “live” on the 10th business day after signing up – 17 full days before it was scheduled to go live !! Steve did a remarkable job on my website and went above and beyond the call of duty to accommodate all of the unique changes I requested including enhancing my profile photo. He was always pleasant, accommodating and provided important information to help me stay on track so as not to make changes that would reduce traffic to my website. I feel very fortunate to have selected Build Your Firm and to have such an outstanding professional as Steve assigned to my website.

Matt Rice

Did a great job on my website refresh, very efficient

Bill Rogers

All the people at build your firm do a fantastic job. they are thorough in their explanations. they followup and check back appropriately. Even though I am tenacious and persistent I don't have the resources to do website development. They are not the cheapest, but they are an excellent value and have proven their worth in my practice.

Damien Scott

A wonderful experience start to finish. They had my website up quickly and professionally. Changes I needed made were implemented without a hitch. My new website brings depth and professionalism to my practice and the additional tools for marketing and managing newsletters are easy to use.

Purvish Shah

My journey with BYF started in 2015, when I enrolled in their Accounting Marketing Program. I eventually got my website from them in Feb 2016 and engaged their PPC services in 2016 as well. With help of BYF's team, I was able to increase my recurring revenue from $65K/Year to my current revenue $232K/YR. This is one of the best investments you can make in yourself and your practice, these guys know what they are doing and the ROI on the investment is simply unmatched. If you are using the excuse of I do not have money to spend on marketing/BYF, you are doing yourself a major disservice. Simply put, invest in a proper website and marketing with BYF if you are serious about growing your practice.

Julia Shaw

Build Your Firm has provided us with stellar service in ALL areas. Particularly the website and development process has been a very seemless transition for us. The customer service is prompt and efficient. We are very happy and would recommend this firm to everyone.

Bryan Sorenson

We upgraded to BYF’s Platinum service. We will consolidate the number of vendors for credit card and ACH processing and go with BYF’s ePay solution. Fewer vendors and lower costs. The Upcharge feature will offset credit card processing fees. The embed tool is easy to use and clients pay us without much effort on our part. We recently watched the Secure File Sharing webinar and started using the new system. It is great! Our clients really like it. It is very user friendly.

Robert Tablack

Steve Obrien was very easy to work with, very knowledgable and met all deadlines.

Amy Thompson

Build Your Firm does an excellent job in terms of website development, SEO, customer service and integration with lots of great services via the website. They are always looking to add value and continue to offer ideas and ways to improve the processes for the CPA firm.

Lorie Tola

Kallie exemplified timely after hours tech support that helped me begin to navigate the new dashboard.

Lorie Tola

Over the years we have relied heavily on the file transfer tool in the "old system". Our firm and clients have already started using the new tool and we are getting great feedback. It is far more robust, dependable and easier to use. We will rely on it to get us thru the October 15th deadline and into next years tax season.

Pamela Tremblay

From start to finish, Randy made the daunting process of setting up my own website smooth and anxiety-free; Fred designed a stunning logo I will proudly use for many years; Deb kept me updated about pricing, billing, and products. Plus, they gave me great instructions for email set-up and blog posting, etc. The end result is polished, professional, and beautiful beyond my expectations. Worth.Every.Penny.

Stanley Wray

I worked with Steve O'Brien at Build Your Firm to build my website. Steve was great to work with. He is very patient and is a great listener. He always respond to my concerns in a timely manner and return my call/email timely. I really love the work Steve did on my website. Thank you Steve O'Brien for a great job.